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Meherrin Settlement History

The 1733 Edward Moseley map of North Carolina, above, shows the Meherrin Indian Village to the left. Colonial Records of North Carolina – October the 28th 1726 This day was Read at the Board the Petition of the Maherrin Indians … Continue reading

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1757 Letter from the Chiefs of the Catawba Nation to SC Governor Lyttleton

A letter signed on the 16th of June 1757 by the Chiefs of the Catawba Nation and several formerly separate tribes within that Nation, says, among much else, that: “Our brothers, the Cherocees, has sent us a tomahawk for to … Continue reading

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Kinchen Tucker, of Indian Descent, Lives at Gholson’s Bridge

The lovely blog, Fourth Generation Inclusive ran this extremely interesting tidbit. Fifty Dollars Reward. RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 10th inst. without a fault, a Negro Man named DAVE, about 32 years of age, is about 5 feet 7 or … Continue reading

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Indians in North Carolina in 1754

This document is found in the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.  It is undated, but the other document on page 320 is a tax list of taxables by county for 1754 filed on January 4, 1755.  The document sharing … Continue reading

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Pittsylvania County, Virginia, Native American Locations

I’ve discovered a lovely website created by William T. Mitchell.  William Mitchell is a historian with a particular interest in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, which sets atop the dividing line between North Carolina and Virginia.  This area is rich in history, … Continue reading

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Relationship Between the Tuscarora and Haliwa Indians by Michelle Lawing

In 1980, Michelle Lawing was retained to write a preliminary report reflecting her findings relative to any relationship between the Tuscarora Indians and the Haliwa.  That report, titled “Preliminary Report on the Relationship Between the Tuscarora and the Haliwa Indians” was based … Continue reading

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Sappone Indians Cabbins

A deed between John Taylor of Surry Co., Va., seller, and Alexander Bruce of Amelia County, buyer, for 330 acres located in Amelia County, Va., was dated November 8, 1737.  This deed specifies the location of the “Sappone Indians Cabbins,” … Continue reading

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