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Some Native Americans Had Oceanic Ancestors

This week has seen a flurry of new scientific and news articles.  What has been causing such a stir?  It appears that Australian or more accurately, Australo-Melanese DNA has been found in South America’s Native American population. In addition, it … Continue reading

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Native American DNA Projects

I’m often asked about DNA projects at Family Tree DNA that are for or include Native American or aboriginal DNA results.  Please note that different project administrators have different criteria for admission to a project.  Some require definitive proof of descent, some require … Continue reading

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Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations

Our friends at Abroad in the Yard wrote an interesting article back in December 2011 about Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations. As you’re probably aware, the migration of people, their ethnicity and how they came to be where they are … Continue reading

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First Footprints: Episode 4 – The Biggest Estate 9,000 Years Ago to 1788

Living in Australia for 50,000 years, in order to survive, the Aboriginal people learned every ecological detail, immortalized it in the law, and passed it on through the generations.  They transformed the entire continent of Australia into the biggest estate … Continue reading

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First Footprints: Episode 3: The Great Flood 18,000 to 5,000 Years Ago

Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for over 50,000 years, and none of that time has been easy. These people survived the longest drought in human history.  Next, with warming, they would face flooding, worse flooding than they could imagine.  The … Continue reading

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First Footprints – Super Nomads – Founders of Australia

This is the first of 4 episodes airing in Australia about their aboriginal people.  I found this fascinating and am somewhat envious of someone who can stand in the same rock shelter their ancestor stood in 40,000 years ago – … Continue reading

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