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Jackson Purchase Negotiations with the Chickasaws

This was one of several articles found in an old scrapbook in the 1980s in the library at Tazewell, TN. I copied the entire scrapbook given that I realized many of the articles are of historical significance and the local … Continue reading

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Powhatan Treaty, October 1646

This information is from the Virginia Memory project at In 1646, two years after Opechancanough ordered coordinated attacks on English settlements that killed about 500 people, the government of the colony and Necotowance, on behalf of the Powhatan tribes, … Continue reading

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Seminole Chief Osceola, Billy Powell

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Osceola was named Billy Powell at birth in 1804 in the Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama, in current Elmore County. “The people in the town of Tallassee…were mixed-blood Native … Continue reading

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Broken Tennessee Treaties

One of our subscribers, Don, spotted this great site provided by the Tennessee State Museum.  Thanks Don. On the site itself, there is additional information, but what struck me was the visual representation of what happened to the Indian lands … Continue reading

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Treaty between North Carolina and the King Hagler of the Catawba Indians

This treaty found in the North Carolina State records is quite interesting for several reasons.  First, it places the Catawba living in Anson and perhaps also Rowan County, NC in 1754.  This is confirmed by another document, filed on January … Continue reading

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Indian Treaties

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, is in the treaties between the US government and the various Indian tribes?  I was searching for the Shawnee treaty of 1835 when I came across a wonderful site that has most, if not … Continue reading

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1711 Von Graffenreid – Tuscarora Treaty

Is a treaty valid when one party is holding the other party captive under pain of death?  That is how the 1711 treaty between Baron von Graffrenreid and the Tuscarora was negotiated.  However, it served it’s purpose, and von Graffenreid was freed instead … Continue reading

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Ne-Do-Ba – Gwilodwogan (Wabanaki People)

Did you get that?  Not a word huh.  Well, that’s because it’s not English.  Nancy LeCompte, the Research and Education Director for the Ne-Do-Ba contacted me and shared her wonderful blog.  the Ne-Do-Ba are Wabanaki people.  Wabanaki translates loosely as “Dawnland,” meaning … Continue reading

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