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Tuscarora – The Ones That Stayed Behind

Tuscarora – The Ones That Stayed Behind …and Followed the River for Days and Days and Days… I think this is the most difficult introduction I have ever written, because it’s so hard to describe the sacred with mere human … Continue reading

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An Indian Named Pauwaw, 1672

In 1672, George Fox traveled the area between the Albemarle Sound and the border of Virginia.  Someplace between Edenton and Bonner’s Creek (possibly current Blount’s Creek), he visited with  an Indian named Pauwaw. Mavis, the subscriber who brought this to … Continue reading

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Fort Neoheroka 300 Years Later – Tuscarora Commemorative Monument

The Tuscarora War began in 1711, a result of European incursion onto Native lands and the capture and enslavement of Indian children, and ended in 1713 with the massacre of over 950 of the Tuscarora at Fort Neoheroka.  In total, over 2000 … Continue reading

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The Albemarle Insurrection of 1679

Did you know that Albemarle County, NC had an insurrection in 1679?  They did, and apparently the Indians were considered to be a part of the problem, along with Negroes.  It doesn’t say, but I suspect these are free negroes, not … Continue reading

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Thomas Merrett, an Indian or Not?

Whoever thought a comma could make such a difference.  One of our subscribers, Mavis, sent me this document for the Native Names project, thinking that Thomas Merrett was an Indian.  At first glance, I thought so to, and then I … Continue reading

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Yawpim Indian Town in Currituck County, NC

When Kay Lynn Sheppard sent me the extracted Currituck court notes, I found four records that spoke directly to an Indian Town or Indian line. 5 Mar 1778 – John Standley of Currituck County enters 100 acres.  Borders on the … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Bohuron Tribe in Northeast Georgia

One of our blog subscribers sent me info on the Bohuron Tribe.  I have never heard of them, so I contacted Richard Thornton who had penned this piece and asked his permission to reprint in there.  In addition, he was … Continue reading

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Parker David Robbins – Chowanoke, Legislator, Inventor

Parker David Robbins (1834-1917) Second Regiment, United States Colored Cavalry A Union Army veteran and delegate from Bertie County to North Carolina’s constitutional convention of 1868, Robbins represented the county for two terms in the N.C. House of Representatives as … Continue reading

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Identifying Native Chromosome Segments

If you’ve been following along with “The Autosomal Me” series on the blog, the next segment, Part 7, “The Autosomal Me – Start, Stop, Go – Identifying Native Chromosome Segments” was just published today. While this series is obviously … Continue reading

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Treaty with the Indians at Albany, NY 1664

The following treaty was made with the Indians by the English when they took New York from the Dutch.  There were scanning issues with the original document.  Where the correction was obvious, I made the correction.  There was an issue … Continue reading

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