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De, Du, Des, Le, La and and sometimes Les

Working with groups of names that span the entire country gives a wonderful general perspective, sort of from the 50,000 foot level, that you just don’t get by working with only one tribe.  Both the WWI draft registrations and the … Continue reading

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Native Heritage Project – Status and Upcoming Goodies

I thought I’d take a few minutes today to just chat with you folks about how things are going with the Native Heritage Project, the Native Names project and what the future holds.  If you recall, the Native Names project is compiling … Continue reading

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1869 Cherokee West Census Interesting Transitional Names

I have, finally, finished my work with the 1869 Cherokee Census West.  As I worked with these records for so many weeks, I felt like in many ways I came to know the people, to recognize their family members. I’ve … Continue reading

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1869 Cherokee West Census Native Language Names

I wasn’t quite certain what to do with the list of Native language names in the 1869 Cherokee West census.  I have not included them in the Native Names project because they are not a surname that someone would hunt … Continue reading

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Dirt – Specifically, Dirt Names

In the 1869 Cherokee West census, most, but not all of the Native people have adopted some sort of first name plus surname naming convention.  Some names are in transition – and of course we don’t know where that transition … Continue reading

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Coweater, a Vegetarian

Ok, so maybe we can’t tell that much.  But it grabbed your attention, just like the National Enquirer in the check-out line at the grocery! Sometimes Excel is my friend.  It’s much easier and more time efficient to enter these … Continue reading

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The Mystery Surrounding Chocolate

I have seen this surname before.  In my own family research, I found people in the census with this last name listed intermittently as mulatto.  Mostly, I found two things interesting about that.  First, that their race was intermittently listed … Continue reading

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