Fincastle Co., VA 1773 Delinquent Tax List

Published in the Va Gen Soc volume 35 from 1997, pages 8-12

Fincastle County, Virginia1773 Delinquent Tax Lists, transcribed by Julia M. Case

When Fincastle County was created from Botetourt County in 1772, it included the present state of Kentucky, all of West Virginia south of the Kanawha and New rivers and Virginia west of the crest of the Blue Ridge and essentially south of present Roanoke and Craig counties. In 1777 Fincastle was divided into Montgomery, Washington and Kentucky counties. Its records were retained by Montgomery County which explains why these delinquent accounts are found among the Montgomery County delinquent lists.

Since the present state of Kentucky was a part of Fincastle County at this time, the Indian land referenced was probably in Tennessee or Ohio.

Please note that I have included all occurrences of any surname that is listed by any individual as “Indian land.”

David Collins Indian Land 1

Sam Collins Indian Land 2

Elisha Collins 1

John Collins 1

Lewis Collins 1

Ambrose Collins 1

John Collins Junr 1

George Couch Indian Land 1

Geo. Collins Indian Land 1

Cha:” Collins ditto (above says Indian land)

Micajah Bunch Indian Land 1

James Colliins 2

Please note that Fincastle County is now an extinct county.  In 1776, it was abolished and became Montgomery and Washington Counties in Virginia and Kentucky County which would eventually become the state of Kentucky.

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4 Responses to Fincastle Co., VA 1773 Delinquent Tax List

  1. Terry Miller says:

    Have you noticed at Family DNA they are screening Native American. family DNA had been saying unknown North America and it has been replaced with like 1 percent Native American . Do you when this change was made

    Vr Terry

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  2. lori says:

    you will find these same collins listed in orange co nc where they migrated to……..they are saponi

  3. lori says:

    then they migrate over into the appalachians

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