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Powhatan Treaty, October 1646

This information is from the Virginia Memory project at In 1646, two years after Opechancanough ordered coordinated attacks on English settlements that killed about 500 people, the government of the colony and Necotowance, on behalf of the Powhatan tribes, … Continue reading

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Daughters of Princess Mary Kittamaquund

Recently Shawn and Lois Potter utilized the Minority Admixture Mapping technique I developed, utilized and described in the series “The Autosomal Me” to establish that the mother of John Red Bank Payne was Native American.  Shawn and Lois were so … Continue reading

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Alfred Wilkins, The Old Indian

One of our subscribers, John, send me some family information about Alfred Wilkins.  As it turns out, this family is quite interesting.  These first few paragraphs were provided in the exchange. A manuscript entitled “Walking Upright: The Coharie People of … Continue reading

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Acanahonan Found on Jamestown Map in Dutch Archives?

Our friend Yvette in the Dutch archives has done it again.  I’m so glad she loves maps as much as I do.  This map is particularly interesting though, because it is of the James River area, near Jamestown, discovery attributed … Continue reading

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James River 1665 Map

You just never know where a great map is going to pop up.  In this case, thanks to Yvette, one of our friends in the Netherlands, we find this one in the Dutch National Archives.  It’s a beautiful map with … Continue reading

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Why were the Europeans so intent upon “civilizing” the Native people, which is a politically correct word for destroying their existing cultures and way of life? One answer lies in the fact that they feared the Indians.  Beginning in 1622 … Continue reading

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The Chowan Indians by Fletcher Freeman

A 1585 Map of Virginia drawn by Theodore de Bry designates several Indian tribes, one of which is the CHAWANOK. They are shown with at least five towns, being Chaunoock, Rannoushowog, Movatan, Metocuuem,and Tanduomuc. Also reflected are the SECOTAN and … Continue reading

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A Report on Research of Lumbee Origins by Robert K. Thomas – Part 18 – Appendix

The final segment of Robert K. Thomas’s Report of Research on Lumbee Origins.  This was transcribed from a photocopy of an original report at the Wilson Library, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC in June of 2012.   Any comments I have will be … Continue reading

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“Others with Mormons in the West”

While reading James Mooney’s paper, Powhatan Confederacy, Past and Present, I was transcribing the list of Pamunkey tribal members from 1899, and I noticed “the small print.”  At the end of the list was a note that said “Others with … Continue reading

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The Powhatan Confederacy, Past and Present by James Mooney

The Powhatan are the Indians that lived near and surrounding Jamestown.  Those same Indians claim to have killed the surviving Lost Colonists about 1607, the Colonistshaving joined with a Chesapeake Tribe after being left on Roanoke Island in 1587.  Of course, … Continue reading

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