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Native American DNA Haplogroups Q and C and the Big Y Test

I’m writing this to provide an update about Native American paternal research, and to ask for your help and support, but first, let me tell you why.  It’s a very exciting time. If you don’t want the details, but you know … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Conundrum

First Thanksgiving at Plymouth Bay (1621) by Jennie A. Brownscombe (1914) Justin Petrone, like me, is a mixed race person with Native American ancestry, although unlike me, initially, he never thought of himself in those terms.  I’ve always known and … Continue reading

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Cherokee Words from 1888 Primer Spoken

In 1821, Sequoyah created the first Cherokee alphabet.  He used 85 characters to represent sounds in the Cherokee language. Reverend Chamberlin procured a printing press and printed hymnals and other books in Cherokee, beginning before the removal and continuing after. … Continue reading

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Charles “Chief” Albert Bender

Charles Albert “Chief” Bender was born on May 5th, 1883 at the White Earth Chippewa Indian Reservation, Brainerd, Minnesota. He was one of 13 children born to Mary Razor (Indian name: Pay shaw de o quay), who was of half … Continue reading

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Native Amercan Gene Flow – Europe?, Asia and the Americas

Pre-release information from the paper, “Upper Palaeolithic Siberian genome reveals dual ancestry of Native Americans” which included results and analysis of DNA sequencing of 24,000 year old skeletal remains of a 4 year old Siberian boy caused quite a stir.  Unfortunately, it was also … Continue reading

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Hamilton McMillan Revisited

Hamilton  McMillan (1837-1916) Hamilton McMillan, a man with a vision, founded UNC Pembroke, originally a school for Indian children and is viewed as the institution’s founding father.  In 1885, Representative Hamilton McMillan of Robeson County, NC, introduced legislation in the North Carolina … Continue reading

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Tecumseh – “Die Like a Hero Going Home”

“So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart. Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life, beautify all things … Continue reading

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Chief Kokomo, The Ornriest Man I Knew

Kokomo, Indiana is named for a Miami Indian named Kokomo.  That much, everyone agrees about, but that’s the extent of the agreement.  Beyond that, legend reaches in both directions.  One version of the legend of Chief Kokomo states that he … Continue reading

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Rebels and King’s Men: Bertie County in the Revolutionary War by Gerald Thomas

Gerald Thomas has provided in index to his new book that includes information on three men of Native heritage. APPENDIX 1 – PUTATIVE ROSTER OF BERTIE COUNTY CONTINENTAL LINE SOLDIERS, NORTH CAROLINA CONTINENTAL LINE Fifth North Carolina Regiment Braveboy, … Continue reading

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Edward Fuller, “Son of an Indian Woman”

  Apparently name calling is nothing new.  In Carteret County, NC at the March court of 1745, Edward Fuller, mariner, filed papers against Richard Thompson.  Apparently, judging from this and Richard’s reply, the men, both working on a sloop riding … Continue reading

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