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When transcribing the Carlisle records, I came across a tribal designation I wasn’t familiar with, the Lapwai.  Who were the Lapwai? The Lapwai were part of the Nez Perce who lived in Idaho.  Today, the city of Lapwai, Idaho is the center of … Continue reading

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Birth Date not Known

As I work my way thorough the draft registrations in Kansas, there are several registrants who only have Native names, meaning names in the Native language and no English names.  For example, there is a John Nag-Mo, except he signs his … Continue reading

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Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation of Kansas

I’m working on the last few states of the WWI Draft registrations for the Native Names project.  Today, I’m in Kansas.  I’ve noticed a couple of quite interesting things. There are a lot of registrations, but many, probably about half, … Continue reading

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X Marks the Spot

When using autosomal DNA for genetic genealogy, the X chromosome is a powerful tool with special inheritance properties.  Many people think that mitochondrial DNA is the same as the X chromosome.  It’s not. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited maternally, only.  This … Continue reading

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Tuscarora Names Extracted

One of our blog followers has extracted the names of a number of Tuscarora for thier own use and has submitted the list for our blog readers.  A big hat tip to our benefactor.  In my Native Names project, I am only including names that … Continue reading

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Red Coated Chiefs of the Shawnee

Fletcher Freeman has once again graced us with his research.  Thank you Fletcher! By Fletcher Freeman             In my research on the Shawnee Indians I have run across an interesting “Coincidence” spanning 75 years that I have not seen in … Continue reading

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Why were the Europeans so intent upon “civilizing” the Native people, which is a politically correct word for destroying their existing cultures and way of life? One answer lies in the fact that they feared the Indians.  Beginning in 1622 … Continue reading

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