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1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa Halfbreeds (Michigan)

The 1836 Census of Ottawa and Chippewa Halfbreeds is quite an interesting document.  The purpose was to determine who was to be paid and how much as a result of an 1836 Treaty with the Ottawa and Chippewa wherein they expressed … Continue reading

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Hindu Sam

Some things catch your attention and are just such good examples they can’t be passed by.  I found this gentleman named Hindu Sam classified as an Indian living in Manhattan, NYC, NY in the World War I draft registrations.  There were … Continue reading

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Will the Real Meherrin, Please Stand Up

The Colonial Records of North Carolina contains several gems, one of which is a mystery that involves the Meherrin Indians. In the “Colonial Records of North Carolina, Second Series – Volume VII – Records of the Executive Council – 1674-1734″ … Continue reading

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Chicohominy Living on Mr. Ben Arnold’s Land

Abstracts: Acts of Assembly for James City County: April 24, 1691 court session:  The Chicohominy Indians’ petition to continue living on the land “of Mr. Ben. Arnold” is read in court and also given to the Committee of Propositions. This … Continue reading

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Atha Sorrells, the Woman who had the Audacity to Challenge Walter Plecker, and Won

The article “Native Americans Lived along Pedlar Creek at the Top of the Blue Ridge” was originally credit to Wikked Lester via the Virginia Historical Association, who has since denied authorship.  He further states that Ruth Knight Bailey, JD, who teaches adjunct law at … Continue reading

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White Pigeon

Sampson White Pigeon – how do I record his name?  Is his surname White Pigeon, or Pigeon.  In his case, he lists his wife in the WWI draft registration as Eliza Pigeon, so I’m going to index him by the … Continue reading

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1774 Census of the Inhabitants of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

The 1774 census of Rhode Island included several categories, most importantly, “Indians.”  You can see the transcribed census at this link. When Indians are included in a household with others, we don’t have their names, only that of the … Continue reading

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Native Americans in the Carolina Borderlands, A Critical Ethnography by Michael Spivey

I’ve read a lot of books on the topic of Native people.  When I say a lot, I mean hundreds, if not thousands.  Some are reference books.  Some are histories or record stories.  And then, there is the cream of … Continue reading

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The Powhatan Confederacy, Past and Present by James Mooney

The Powhatan are the Indians that lived near and surrounding Jamestown.  Those same Indians claim to have killed the surviving Lost Colonists about 1607, the Colonistshaving joined with a Chesapeake Tribe after being left on Roanoke Island in 1587.  Of course, … Continue reading

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Evolution of Native Names – the Shaw Family in Michigan

Michigan’s Native people did not bear the full force of early contact with Europeans.  Many Native people were still living in Michigan, in their tribal units, speaking their own language, in the 1800s, even into the late 1800s and early 1900s.  … Continue reading

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