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Robert McGee and The Cherokee Disturbance

Someone was cleaning out their files and offered a pension application to anyone interested.  Since it related to the “Cherokee Disturbance” and since no one else stepped up, I asked for the application.  I didn’t know what was there, and … Continue reading

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John B. and Georgiana F. Collins – Indians

In the 1900 census in Winton Township, in Hertford County, NC, the John B. and Georgiana F. Collins family were listed as Indian. John was born in June of 1843 and Georgiana in November of 1851.  They have been married … Continue reading

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Ancestor of Native Americans in Asia was 30% “Western Eurasian”

The complete genome has recently been sequenced from 4 year old Russian boy who died 24,000 years ago near Lake Baikal in a location called Mal’ta, the area in Asia believed to be the origin of the Native Americans based … Continue reading

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Mingo Holler, Claiborne County, TN and Bell County, KY

Mingo Hollow, known in Claiborne Tennessee and Bell County, Kentucky, as Mingo Holler, straddles the line between the two states, right at the Cumberland Gap. The topographical map here shows it just south of Middlesboro, Ky. The Google map below … Continue reading

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The Leake Site

The location known at the Leake site is located in Bartow County, Georgia, along the Etowah River southwest of Cartersville.  The site contains the remains of Native occupation that lasted from approximately 300BC to 650AD including mounds, a circular ditch … Continue reading

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Native American Mitochondrial or Maternal Haplogroups

Today, what I’m sharing with you are my notes.  If you follow my blogs, you’ll know that I have a fundamental, lifelong interest in Native American people and am mixed blood myself.  I feel that DNA is just one of the … Continue reading

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Correlating Historical Facts to DNA Test Results

Sometimes DNA tests hold surprising results, results that the individual didn’t expect.  That’s what happened to Jack Goins, Hawkins County, Tn. Archivist and founder of the Melungeon Core DNA project.  Jack, a Melungeon descendant through several ancestors, expected that his Y … Continue reading

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Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations

Our friends at Abroad in the Yard wrote an interesting article back in December 2011 about Modern Faces and Ancient Migrations. As you’re probably aware, the migration of people, their ethnicity and how they came to be where they are … Continue reading

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“Commemorating” Columbus Day – Sees Through Time

The year was 1992.  The Embroiderers’ Guild of America had issued a challenge for members to create original works of needleart commemorating the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ Discovery of America. As a descendant of both European and Native people, I … Continue reading

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William Edward Fitch – Raleigh’s Colony Was Not Lost

Walter Edward Fitch wrote a book in 1913 titled “The First Founders in America, With Facts To Prove That Sir Water Raleigh’s Lost Colony Was Not Lost.” Fitch believed that the Lost Colony was not lost, but had become the … Continue reading

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