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The Dreaded “Middle East” Autosomal DNA Result

One of our blog followers, Ron, asked this question: “My late father and his brother were born and raised on Hatteras Island which was a very isolated community until relatively recent times. Curious about their genetic ancestry, I had my … Continue reading

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Walter Plecker’s Target List

Walter Plecker, no matter how you color it, was an evil man.  His actions, for decades, were reprehensible.  He believed he was doing the right thing, but he was not.  He is most remembered for his “Racial Integrity Act of … Continue reading

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Santee Indian Mound in Summerton, SC

Indian mounds in SC are quite rare.  Typically the mound building groups were further west and north.  However, South Carolina does have one that is quite remarkable and probably many more that are unrecognizable today. The Santee Indian Mound is … Continue reading

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The Legend of Batz Grave

Fletcher Freeman, a long time researcher focused on the records of the Albemarle Sound region of North Carolina and Virginia, particularly the Chowan, has contributed numerous articles over the years to the Lost Colony Research Group, many of which have been … Continue reading

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The Unredeemed Captive

As we know, capture between Indian tribes and then of Europeans was a way of life.  Those captured in raids or wars could be sold, released or traded, enslaved, adopted or put to death, depending on the circumstances and the people involved.  Often, especially … Continue reading

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Indian Treaties

Have you ever wondered what, exactly, is in the treaties between the US government and the various Indian tribes?  I was searching for the Shawnee treaty of 1835 when I came across a wonderful site that has most, if not … Continue reading

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David Hatcher, Half Indian

The Revolutionary War records of David Hatcher tell us that he was half Indian.  From the Hatcher family website, we find the following information: 1778  Granville Co, NC   NC State Records, Clark, Vol XVI, 1782-1783, p 136. Name and Rank: … Continue reading

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The Cooper Skull – The Oldest Painted Item in the Americas

Archaeology is fascinating.  It looks like a lot of fun, and it is for the first half hour or so, or until you begin to sweat profusely or you find the first tick attached to your body in some dark and … Continue reading

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The Shawnee Bluejacket Family

The Shawnee Bluejacket family reaches back into the mid-1700s.  Records begin with Chief Bluejacket himself, also known by his Native names of Se-pet-te-he-nath, Big Rabbit, his name given at birth and Wa Weyapiersehnwaw, his adult chosen name, found in use … Continue reading

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Paul Heinegg’s Native Heritage Introduction

Paul Heinegg on his website provides the following (extracted) introductory material focused primarily on the records involving Native Americans in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. After the Civil War, light-skinned African Americans who owned land in the Southeast did not fit … Continue reading

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