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Diary of Bishop Spangenberg, 1752

Colonial and State Records of NC Diary of August Gottlieb Spangenberg during his journey to North Carolina [Translation] [Extracts] Spangenberg, August Gottlieb, 1704-1792 September 1752 Volume 04, Pages 1311-1314 [Translated from the original in the archives of the Moravian Church, … Continue reading

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Treaty between North Carolina and the King Hagler of the Catawba Indians

This treaty found in the North Carolina State records is quite interesting for several reasons.  First, it places the Catawba living in Anson and perhaps also Rowan County, NC in 1754.  This is confirmed by another document, filed on January … Continue reading

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Indians in North Carolina in 1754

This document is found in the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.  It is undated, but the other document on page 320 is a tax list of taxables by county for 1754 filed on January 4, 1755.  The document sharing … Continue reading

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Iroquois and Wabanaki Beadwork

I’ve always loved handwork of all kinds, especially quilting and beading.  My family has some old beadwork that I never realized held clues to our heritage.  After seeing similar pieces, I realized the beadwork pieces I had were carrying a message … Continue reading

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Full Moon Native Names

The first full moon of 2013 will light up the night sky tonight (Jan. 26), but did you know it’s a full moon of many names? Full moon names date back to Native American tribes of a few hundred years … Continue reading

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The Traveling Tuscarora

Fletcher Freeman has once again graced us with one of his excellent  research papers.  Thank you, Fletcher, for sharing, and for continuing the quest! The Traveling Tuscarora By Fletcher Freeman At first contact by the English, the Tuscarora were located … Continue reading

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Lake Baikal as an Ice Drum

As most of the folks who follow this blog know, the ancestors of the Native Americans were originally found in the Lake Baikal area of Asia, tens of thousands of years ago.  This area in many ways is our homeland. … Continue reading

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Tuscarora White Deer Clan

There has been a discussion about the Tuscarora White Deer Clan.  Much uncertainty exists about the clan, and how or why it came to be. Some comments involving this clan are politically motivated.  I try very hard to distance myself … Continue reading

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The Lost Colonists and Edward Bland’s 1650 Expedition

In 1650, Edward Bland and others explored “New Brittaine.” A pamphlet published in London the following year told of the voyage to the Chowan, Meherrin, and Roanoke river area. On August 27, 1650, a Virginia exploring party set out from … Continue reading

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The Lost Colony in Clarksville, Virginia???

Well, you just never know where that elusive Lost Colony is going to turn up next. While researching something else entirely, I stumbled across William T. Mitchell’s writings at this site: Mitchell provides the following information Douglas L. Rights, … Continue reading

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