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James Logan Colbert of the Chickasaws and Allied Trader Families

The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XX, No.2, May 1994, pg.82 contains an article titled “James Logan Colbert of the Chickasaw, The Man and the Myth.”  This article is reproduced at this link: Colbert’s family history says that … Continue reading

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Haplogroup C3* – Previously Believed East Asian Haplogroup is Proven Native American

In a paper just released, “Insights into the origin of rare haplogroup C3* Y chromosomes in South America from high-density autosomal SNP genotyping,” by Mezzavilla et al,  research shows that haplogroup C3* (M217, P44, Z1453), previously believed to be exclusively East Asian, … Continue reading

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Enoch Going, Indian

STOKES COUNTY COURT. … On Wednesday there was a case which excited considerable interest, the case of the State vs. Enoch Going. The State was represented by Mr. Solicitor Masten, and Going was defended by J.R. McLean and A.H. Joyce, … Continue reading

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“A Little Flesh We Offer You” – Indian Slaves in New France

We generally don’t think of the French Canadians as slave owners, of either Indians or Africans, but Indian slavery was legalized in what is now Canada in 1709.  In fact, in 1725, half of the colonists who owned a home … Continue reading

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Updated Native American Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups

I’ve updated the list of Native American Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups and their sources. This most recent update comes from both GenBank the Anzick extrapolations, with links provided when possible. If you know of other credibly sourced Native haplogroup information, please let … Continue reading

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The People’s Path Native Site to Disappear

The People’s Path webpage was created in the 1990s to provide resources to Cherokee researchers, although there are resources from many other tribes included.  Just scanning, I see Ojibwa, Micmac, Lumbee, Navajo and lots more.  There is truly a wealth … Continue reading

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