Henderson Roll – Cherokee Census of 1835

This Roll is also called the Trail of Tears Roll.

The Henderson Roll or Rolls of 1835 is a listing of 16,000 Cherokees living in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, & North Carolina to be removed to Oklahoma, per Treaty New Echota.

It was taken in the months leading up to the conclusion of the Treaty of New Echota in December 1835. It lists more than 900 heads of household, with statistical information about each family, including number of people by blood percentage, number of slaves, and farm capacity. The census is organized by state, county, and watercourse, providing the general area where each family lived.

The link below is a transcribed full version of the roll.  It’s otherwise only available in surname summary, or on microfilm, or transcribed in a book.  There is an index at the end of this document but there are also 2 indexed within the document after each state.


Thank you to Yvonne for this valuable link.

A listing of all of the Rolls:


Many rolls transcribed and in print:


By state, by surname only.



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4 Responses to Henderson Roll – Cherokee Census of 1835

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  2. Debbie Blandford says:

    I entered my family name under the first link and my family comes up. So, does that mean my family is linked to the cherokee? When I do the names it gives me the tree info but not sure what it is telling me.Or is it just giving me my family tree info? My grandfather showed a lot of Indian and his grandmother was full-blooded, but could not find anything about it. But yet when I typed in the names of his grandmother’s parents it immediately came up on the first link of the page. So is that just ancestry info it is showing?

  3. Sean Towns says:

    Hi,. I am looking for my Ancestor Kansas Territory Savage born in about 1865 in Tennessee. Checking on all Cherokee Rolls. My name is Sean Towns. Email address seandtowns@gmail.com.
    Thanks and Happy Holiday

  4. James Henderson says:


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