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Further Analysis of Native American DNA Haplogroup C Planned

Haplogroup C is one of two Native American male haplogroups. More specifically, one specific branch of the haplogroup C tree is Native American which is defined by mutation C-P39 (formerly known as C3b).  Ray Banks shows this branch (highlighted in yellow) along … Continue reading

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Some Native Americans Had Oceanic Ancestors

This week has seen a flurry of new scientific and news articles.  What has been causing such a stir?  It appears that Australian or more accurately, Australo-Melanese DNA has been found in South America’s Native American population. In addition, it … Continue reading

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Canadian Metis Scrip Records

The Métis people originated in the 1700s when French and Scottish fur traders married Aboriginal women, such as the Cree, and Anishinabe (Ojibway). Their descendants formed a distinct culture, collective consciousness and nationhood in the Canadian Northwest. Distinct Métis communities developed … Continue reading

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Clovis People Are Native Americans, and from Asia, not Europe

In a paper published in Nature today, titled “The genome of a Late Pleistocene human from a Clovis burial site in western Montana,” by Rasmussen et al, the authors conclude that the DNA of a Clovis child is ancestral to … Continue reading

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The Mouthbow – Making Music on a Weapon

Obu man playing the mouthbow Do you know what a mouthbow is?  It’s believed to be the oldest stringed instrument in the world.  It’s found in many indigenous cultures around the world.  A French cave painting about 15,000 years old … Continue reading

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Cree Girl

Sometimes these records give us mixed messages, which may turn out to be valuable hints. When working with the Carlisle Indian School student records, I found a record for Regina Cree Girl, an Assiniboine from Montana. This seemed somewhat confusing, … Continue reading

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In the 1869 Cherokee West Census, there are two families who took the surname Shotpouch.  It’s interesting that before the European settlement, the Indians didn’t have firearms, so the word shotpouch would have been culturally new to them, 200 years after … Continue reading

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