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Anti-Miscegenation Laws Overturned in the US in 1967

Many people with early Native heritage “lose” their ancestor in colonial Virginia, NC or one of the states east of the Blue Ridge.  Maybe said another way, we have legends that they exist, but we can’t figure out who they … Continue reading

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Oneida Chief Skenandoah

Oskanondonha, known as Skenandoah, the Oneida War Chief also known as “the Deer” was born, according to tradition, to the Susquehannock and was adopted into the Wolf Clan of the Oneida.  He eventually became the War Chief, a position chosen on the … Continue reading

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The Tuscarora and the Revolutionary War

Wherever the Tuscarora found themselves, it seems that trouble was just around the corner.  Not long after many of the Tuscarora had relocated from North Carolina to New York, sponsored by the Oneida tribe, the Revolutionary War was upon them … Continue reading

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1869 Cherokee West Census Interesting Transitional Names

I have, finally, finished my work with the 1869 Cherokee Census West.  As I worked with these records for so many weeks, I felt like in many ways I came to know the people, to recognize their family members. I’ve … Continue reading

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Eastern and Western Siouian Tribes and the White Buffalo Legend

These past several days, as I’ve been working with the western Siouian tribes and the White Buffalo (Calf) Legend, it occurred to me that during my work with the history of the Eastern Siouian tribes, that I had never heard of … Continue reading

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The Associated Press Reports on Melungeons: A Multi-Ethnic People

In its own way, the Melungeon paper has gone viral, something very unusual for an academic paper.  We’ve received notes today from as far away as Australia and someone told us they say it on Fox News today.  The AP picked … Continue reading

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Chief Pontiac

Did you grow up thinking of a car when you heard the word Pontiac?  I surely did.  We had several.  However, I vividly remember the profile on the logo on the car of an Indian. I came across the Pontiac … Continue reading

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1869 Cherokee West Census Native Language Names

I wasn’t quite certain what to do with the list of Native language names in the 1869 Cherokee West census.  I have not included them in the Native Names project because they are not a surname that someone would hunt … Continue reading

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Mi’kmaq Portraits Collection from the Nova Scotia Museum

Thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers, the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia called themselves L’nu’k, which simply means ‘the people,’ ‘human beings.’ Their present name, Mi’kmaq, derives from nikmaq, meaning ‘my kin-friends.’ Their descendants are still living in the area … Continue reading

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John Two Guns White Calf

John Two Guns White Calf (1872-1934), shown above, may indeed be memorialized in a way few other Native Americans have been – on a piece of American money – the buffalo nickel to be specific.  But then again….maybe not….there is a … Continue reading

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