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Mi’gmaq/Mi’kmaq Talking Dictionary Project

The Mi’gmaq/Mi’kmaq  Talking Dictionary Project is developing an Internet resource for the Mi’gmaq/Mi’kmaq language.  You can take a look here. I am particularly fond of the Songs.  Native history is important to preserve, including the stories.  Take a look at that … Continue reading

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Osceola, Creek and Seminole Leader

Osceola painting by George Catlin. James McQueen was a Scots-Irish fur trader, the first to trade in 1714 with the Creek in Alabama.  He became closely involved with the Creek and married into the tribe.  James McQueen was the great-grandfather … Continue reading

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Bluejacket Reunion with a Tomahawk

I want to thank Carlyle Henshaw for this wonderful article.  When I asked him for permission to publish, here’s what Carlyle had to say. “I really had fun researching that article.  The three Bluejacket brothers that establish Bluejacket Crossing were … Continue reading

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Creek Indian Mound Near Fort Decatur, Alabama

While watching this video of Fort Decatur, Alabama, I noticed the Indian Mound.  The history of the Fort is that is was built in 1812 where an Indian village was, or was nearby.  The gentleman who filmed this site says the … Continue reading

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Osceola Powell, Seminole Chief

The News Times in Fair Bluff, NC recently ran an article about Osceola, a Seminole Indian Chief who was born to a Creek or Waccamaw mother.  His white name was either John or Billy Powell, depending on who is telling … Continue reading

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Borderlands Deeds and the Cain Surname

NC Abstracts of Land Patents 1735-1764 By Margaret M. Hofmann 2247 pg 85 John Cain Feb 14 1739 160 ac in Edgecombe Co on the S side of Conehoe ck NC Abstracts of Land Patents 1748-1763 Vol 4 By Margaret … Continue reading

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Daughters of Princess Mary Kittamaquund

Recently Shawn and Lois Potter utilized the Minority Admixture Mapping technique I developed, utilized and described in the series “The Autosomal Me” to establish that the mother of John Red Bank Payne was Native American.  Shawn and Lois were so … Continue reading

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Core(e) Indian Town

In 1714, two land grants were awarded that very specifically mention the Core (Coree) Indian Town.  I initially thought both of these were referring to the same location, but after looking at a map, I realized there must have been … Continue reading

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