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Old Indian Photos

Thanks to Stevie for the link to the Old Indian Photos site.  It’s on Facebook, and this person has categorized old public domain photos of Native people by tribe in 329 Facebook photo Albums.!/pages/Native-American-Indian-Old-Photos/10150102703945578 You can read more about this project at their “About” … Continue reading

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The Kobel Massacre

November 16, 1755 was a dark day for the Henry Kobel family of Berks County, Pa.  It would be their last. The cloud of war was moving over the settlers on the frontier of Pennsylvania, but the Germans weren’t aware … Continue reading

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The Nemaha People

We covered the Nemaha Reservation earlier, so today, I’d like to talk about the actual records of the allottees. The alottee record was produced in 1860 when the government was preparing to issue individual allotments to the half-breed people provided for … Continue reading

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Free DNA Intro Webinars

Ever want to find out what DNA testing for genealogy can do for you?  Well, it’s your lucky day. Sometimes last minute opportunities are the best!  Thanks to the APG, the Association of Professional Genealogists (, these two webinars are … Continue reading

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Nemaha Half-Breed Reservation Alottees – 1860

The Omaha and other tribes asked the government to set aside territory for their mixed-race descendants. The map above shows Indian villages in 1814 when Lewis and Clark explored in the Nemaha River. Under the patrilineal systems of the Omaha … Continue reading

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Bigfoot is Real???

If a new paper yet to be published and currently undergoing peer review is valid, it appears that Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is indeed, real and a hominid mix, meaning that Sasquatch is a human relative that arose approximately … Continue reading

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Treaty with the Cherokee – 1785

Hat tip to Yvonne for this document! Treaty With The Cherokee, November 28, 1785 The following data is extracted from Indian Treaties, Acts and Agreements. Articles concluded at Hopewell, on the Keowee, between Benjamin Hawkins, Andrew Pickens, Joseph Martin, and Lachlan … Continue reading

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Facebook Link

We’re on Facebook now at I’m hopeful that reaching out through Facebook will attract some new people who may have undiscovered information and resources. Facebook requires 25 “likes” before they will issue a direct link, so thanks to everyone who … Continue reading

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Native Resources Online

Ask and ye shall receive….and I did.  Thanks to Bill and Yvonne, our readers, I have a list of some online resources for you. You can view on-line or download in pdf format – some quite large, 40MB+ – it’s the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Spilling the Beans and Reaching Out

Everyone in the US and Canada celebrates the holiday of Thanksgiving, although on different dates.  Traditionally, as all children learn in grade school, in the US this holiday celebrates the Pilgrims being helped by the Indians to survive and a … Continue reading

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