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The Sycamore Tree and the Indian Legend of Notre Dame University

My friend, Suzanne dropped me a most interesting note.  She attended Notre Dame University in the early 1960s and developed a special relationship with a unique tree. Recently she went back to visit. “While in the area in 2010, I took a sentimental … Continue reading

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Chief Kokomo, The Ornriest Man I Knew

Kokomo, Indiana is named for a Miami Indian named Kokomo.  That much, everyone agrees about, but that’s the extent of the agreement.  Beyond that, legend reaches in both directions.  One version of the legend of Chief Kokomo states that he … Continue reading

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A Report on Research of Lumbee Origins by Robert K. Thomas – Part 13 – The Social History of the Early Lumbees

A continuation of Robert K. Thomas’s Report of Research on Lumbee Origins.  This was transcribed from a photocopy of an original report at the Wilson Library, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC in June of 2012.   Any comments I have will be made at … Continue reading

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