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Tuscarora Sent to Barbados – 1690

After the Tuscarora War in 1711, many Native people were sold into slavery in the West Indies.  However, it occurred earlier as well.  In this 1690 entry, we see an example: Deposition of William Duckingfield: A Maherin Indian informed the Tuskaroo Indians … Continue reading

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Now that the Indians have dwindled…..

Through a combination of factors such as warfare between tribes, warfare with the settlers, white man’s epidemics and alcohol, the Indian tribes were weakened, then eventually disappeared as tribes.  This sad tale is told in 1688, only 80 years after … Continue reading

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Indians Taken to England

Probably the most well-known Indians taken to England were Pochahontas after she married John Rolfe and earlier, Manteo and Wanchese who accompanied the first Roanoke Colony who settled on Roanoke Island in 1585-1586.  In these cases, Pochahontas died in England and Manteo and Wanchese were returned home on … Continue reading

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“Company of Giddy Headed & turbulent Psons in Lawnes Creek Psh.”

I don’t think there’s a single Indian in this 1673 record, or if there is, we can’t tell who is whom.  However, the Jamestown project did extract it and include it in the Indian records in the category of “Issues Related to Bacon’s Rebellion.”  … Continue reading

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John Phillips, An Indian – 1669 Surry County, Va.

The first mention of an Indian with both a first and last name is found in the early Virginia records in 1669.  This record was extracted from A Study of Virginia Indians and Jamestown: The First Century found at this … Continue reading

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The Last Indians in Orange Co., Va.

Since Donna was kind enough to find this article and send it to me, I thought I’d extract what I consider to be the relevant portions and post them here.  Thank you Donna!! “The Last Indians in Orange Co., Va.,” … Continue reading

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Oh Happy Day

What would you expect of someone named Happy Day?  If their nickname was Happy, I’d expect them to be either very upbeat or just the opposite.  Did someone give them the name because they were indeed happy, or because they … Continue reading

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The WWI draft registrations included a question where it asks the registrant if they claimed an exemption.  Exemptions came in three flavors: 1. Dependency – It’s amazing how many of these people had dependent parents.  Of course, wife and children … Continue reading

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There are a surprising number of people born in Mexico who registered for the WWI draft.  East of the Mississippi, they are found mostly in large cities.  Surprisingly, Chicago seems to be the hot spot for Mexican immigration, although at … Continue reading

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Indians, West Indians and East Indians

The word Indian itself has caused some confusion.  Indian, the way the designation was meant to be used for the WWI draft registrations, means American Indian, but things aren’t always as cut and dried as they seem. Many people carrying … Continue reading

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