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The Day the KKK Visited the Lumbee

Some days, thing just don’t go as you have planned.  That’s exactly what happened to one James “Catfish” Cole, the Grand Dragon of the KKK in South Carolina in January 1958. Cole, having just embarrassed himself in late 1957 in … Continue reading

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Native Americans, Neanderthal and Denisova Admixture

Recently, a Neanderthal toe bone yielded enough DNA to sequence the full genome of the woman whose remains were found in the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains, shown above.  This information was published in the Journal Nature in an … Continue reading

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The Cherokee Mother of John Red Bank Payne

There is nothing I love more than a happy ending.  Second to that perhaps is to know that my blog or work helped someone, and in particularly, helped someone document their Native heritage.  In doing so, this confirms and unveils … Continue reading

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Purported Gravestone of Ananias Dare Found

One great thing about publishing stories about historical items is that often, they encourage other people with additional information to come forth.  That’s what happened recently when I published a series of stories about the Dare Stones supposedly related to Sir … Continue reading

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The Code Talkers

The term Code Talkers is associated with the United States soldiers during the world wars who used their knowledge of Native-American languages as a basis to transmit coded messages. In particular, there were approximately 400-500 Native Americans in the United … Continue reading

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The Lost Colony and Pelzer, SC

The Community of Pelzer Historical Society (CPHS) has graciously allowed us to reprint an article that appeared on their website in January of 2010.  Please take a few minutes to visit their website at and if you’d like more … Continue reading

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Video Interview with Sitting Bull’s Great-Grandson

It was 123 years ago today, December 15, 1890, that Sitting Bull (shown above in 1885) was killed by Indian agency police on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation during an attempt to arrest him for supporting the Ghost Dance movement.  … Continue reading

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