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Iroquois and Wabanaki Beadwork

I’ve always loved handwork of all kinds, especially quilting and beading.  My family has some old beadwork that I never realized held clues to our heritage.  After seeing similar pieces, I realized the beadwork pieces I had were carrying a message … Continue reading

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Ne-Do-Ba – Gwilodwogan (Wabanaki People)

Did you get that?  Not a word huh.  Well, that’s because it’s not English.  Nancy LeCompte, the Research and Education Director for the Ne-Do-Ba contacted me and shared her wonderful blog.  the Ne-Do-Ba are Wabanaki people.  Wabanaki translates loosely as “Dawnland,” meaning … Continue reading

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Maine Indians and the Revolutionary War

I’m working my way through the DAR’s wonderful resource, Forgotten Patriots: African American and American Indian Patriot in the Revolutionary War.  These names of course are all going on the Native Names document.  The DAR has separated their research into … Continue reading

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When a Mohawk is not a Mohawk

Some things seem elementary.  If you found an ancestor with the surname of Mohawk, you’d immediately think Native, or at least seriously ponder the possibility.  If you knew you were dealing with a Native family named Mohawk, you’d know you … Continue reading

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Atteanis and Attean – Revolutionary War to WWI

Sometimes decisions about how to use one word Indian names is difficult.  When the names are hyphenated, such as the Seneca name, Dah-gis-wus-heh, I don’t use the name.  Chances of someone finding this name as an English name are pretty small. However, … Continue reading

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