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Native American Haplogroup C Update – Progress!!!

Haplogroup C-P39 is the Native American branch of Y DNA paternal haplogroup C.  It’s rare as chicken’s teeth.  Most Native American males fall into haplogroup Q, making our haplogroup C-P39 project participants quite unusual and unique.  So are the tools needed to identify branches … Continue reading

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Amelia County, VA Tithables 1737-1739 Indians

This 1738 transcription by Robert Young Clay contains, as did the 1737 list previously published, three lists which appear to cover the entire territory. In 1738 we find two Indians listed: Indian Will under William Walthal in the area between … Continue reading

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Fincastle Co., VA 1773 Delinquent Tax List

Published in the Va Gen Soc volume 35 from 1997, pages 8-12 Fincastle County, Virginia1773 Delinquent Tax Lists, transcribed by Julia M. Case When Fincastle County was created from Botetourt County in 1772, it included the present state of Kentucky, … Continue reading

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Meherrin Settlement History

The 1733 Edward Moseley map of North Carolina, above, shows the Meherrin Indian Village to the left. Colonial Records of North Carolina – October the 28th 1726 This day was Read at the Board the Petition of the Maherrin Indians … Continue reading

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Department of Interior, Indian Affairs, Hiring a Genealogist

The NGS website announced this week an opening at the Department of Interior, Indian Affairs, for a genealogist in the Washington DC vicinity.  Let’s hope that whoever they hire also understands, and I mean really understands, DNA testing – as they … Continue reading

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Virginia Governor Spotswood’s Letter Regarding the Tuscarora War

From the Preston Davis papers: Found in these historic papers is a letter from Virginia’s Governor Spotswood to the King of England giving his perspective on the Tuscarora War – and who was involved.  It has long been speculated that … Continue reading

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The Removal of the Cherokee from Georgia

Two books, volumes 1 and 2, were written by Wilson Lumpkin (1783-1870). Lumpkin bore a very active role in the removal of the Cherokee, so his books are written from first hand experience, albeit a bit biased.  Lumpkin believed that the … Continue reading

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Antiquities of the Southern Indians, Particularly of the Georgia Tribes

This book, by Charles Jones, written in 1873, is extremely interesting and reveals a great deal about the culture of these tribes.  There are areas that discuss conjurers, marriage and divorce, government, social relations, tools, burials and documentation of mounds. … Continue reading

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Norfolk County, Virginia Indians on 1851 Free Negro Register

In Norfolk County, Virginia court on Jan. 29, 1833 – “On the motion of Mr. Murdaugh, Resolved, That the comittee for courts of Justice be instructed to inquire into the expediency of authorizing the county courts to grant certificates to … Continue reading

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Norfolk County Virginia Indian Certificates

From 1833-1850, Norfolk County, Virginia granted certificates to “the descendants of indians and other persons of mixed blood, who are not free negroes or mulattoes, in like manner as certificates of freedom are granted to free negroes and mulattoes, which … Continue reading

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