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Acanahonan Found on Jamestown Map in Dutch Archives?

Our friend Yvette in the Dutch archives has done it again.  I’m so glad she loves maps as much as I do.  This map is particularly interesting though, because it is of the James River area, near Jamestown, discovery attributed … Continue reading

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Why were the Europeans so intent upon “civilizing” the Native people, which is a politically correct word for destroying their existing cultures and way of life? One answer lies in the fact that they feared the Indians.  Beginning in 1622 … Continue reading

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Caribbean Indians Admixture at Jamestown

The earliest Jamestown records are very interesting. In the October 1627 court minutes, we find the following commentary: Capt. Sampson had brought into the colony some Indians from the Carib Islands, who have since run away, hid in the woods, … Continue reading

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