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The Amis Store Account Book 1782-1789, Hawkins County, TN

Before Tennessee became a state in 1796 and before the State of Franklin was formed in 1785, the area that would become Hawkins County, Tennessee was the frontier and was known generally as Watauga. In 1775, the grandparents of Davy … Continue reading

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Correlating Historical Facts to DNA Test Results

Sometimes DNA tests hold surprising results, results that the individual didn’t expect.  That’s what happened to Jack Goins, Hawkins County, Tn. Archivist and founder of the Melungeon Core DNA project.  Jack, a Melungeon descendant through several ancestors, expected that his Y … Continue reading

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Portingals, Portuguese, Melungeons, Creoles, Moors, Mulattoes and the Banjo

You just never know where a banjo is going to take you. George Gibson wrote a very interesting article about his own Gibson genealogy research, spurred by his enduring interest in banjos and banjo-playing mountain men. One of the areas … Continue reading

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Jack Goins New Blog – Melungeon and Appalachian Research

Web sites come and web sites go.  Jack is replacing his old website,, now defunct, with a new blog, Melungeon and Appalachian Research.  Blogs are much easier to update and keep current, don’t require any knowledge of web programming, … Continue reading

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Black, White or Red – Changing Colors

The Root recently published the article, “Did My White Ancestor Become Black?”, written by Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Eileen Pironti.  We all know who Henry is from his PBS Series, Finding Your Roots. America is the great mixing bowl … Continue reading

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Melungeon Myth of Drake Dropping Off Passengers on Roanoke Island

This article was written by Janet Crain and originally published in the Lost Colony Research Group Newsletter in August, 2012. A myth exists on the Internet that the Melungeons, a group of dark skinned persons of mysterious origins found … Continue reading

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Minority Ancestry and DNA

I originally wrote this article for the Melungeon Historical Society, but regardless of the target audience, the message is the same about how to use and interpret genetic information related to the search for minority admixture ancestors.   Hat tip to Jack … Continue reading

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