Cherokee-White Intermarriages in Indian Territory

Indian Territory 1889

H. C. Townsend, A Correct Map of the Oklahoma Country and Cherokee Outlet Reached via the Missouri Pacific Railway and Iron Mountain Route(1889)

James Plyant in wrote about “Cherokee-White Intermarriages: Citizenship by Intermarriage in the Cherokee Nation” from testimony taken in Indian Territory. The magazine has made those documents free to download.

You can access the article and downloads here.

For white people to qualify for citizenship, they had to have been married into the tribe prior to 1877 although other white people appeared on the 1896 Cherokee Census Roll as intermarried at that time.


About Roberta Estes

Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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14 Responses to Cherokee-White Intermarriages in Indian Territory

  1. Kim Farrow says:

    How do I find out if my family name is on the Indian registry? My parents on my mother and father’s side were of Indian decent. Their last names were Lincoln/mother, Farrow/father. My father’s mother was full Indian.

  2. Ron Pierce says:

    My great uncle, John Hyett married a Cherokee woman named Louisiana, is there any paperwork for this marriage

  3. Andrea Brewer says:

    I found a great great grandmother On an 1880 Census in wright Missouri She is marked with an I and it says ( part Indian) in the box next to her name in this census, on this particular census she is living in the next house over to one of her daughters who is marked white and a few houses down from another one of her daughters also marked white on all other census before this one the whole family was marked white. I also can not find a maiden name for this women would she have been written down anywhere else if she had been marked on that census? I am going crazy trying to find her!

  4. Tanya L Hindal says:

    I am a quarter mother’s mom was full blooded Cherokee..How do I found out anything

    • Anthony says:

      Get a genetic test done, I’m waiting for mine to come from now myself. Costs around 100 bucks to get done. My mother is Italian, full blood, meanwhile my father’s almost full blood Cherokee Native American

  5. meagan arnold says:

    My mom was adopted and so she did not know her maternal parents she is clearly Indian in her blood.i don’t want her to live without her heritage . Can give suggestions us suggestions in what we should do

  6. ebonee lagard says:

    Hello I have the names Thibodeaux, Lastrapes, Lagard, Mericer,Chaisson, Gerard, Michel, Witz, Masse, Declouet, and Gibert in my family . My great great grandmother was native american in Louisiana. Can anyone assist me ? My family are from St. Martinville, Lafayette, and some Alabama.

  7. Glenn Kennedy says:

    Look for information on Brigman family. And Odom

  8. Curtis Hubbard says:

    My. Name cruits hubbard i go john hatcher my mother cummings and too lowery and landrums i think you kin too us

  9. Mark T. Evans says:

    Is there anyway I can speak with Mrs. Roberta Estes. Is she still actively involved with this research? I don’t see any recent posts of her since 2019?

    Please contact me if you’re still a actively researching and your willing to share more information.

    Thanks for your Blog☀️
    Best Regards
    Mark T. Evans

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