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Purported Gravestone of Ananias Dare Found

One great thing about publishing stories about historical items is that often, they encourage other people with additional information to come forth.  That’s what happened recently when I published a series of stories about the Dare Stones supposedly related to Sir … Continue reading

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The Lost Colony and Pelzer, SC

The Community of Pelzer Historical Society (CPHS) has graciously allowed us to reprint an article that appeared on their website in January of 2010.  Please take a few minutes to visit their website at and if you’d like more … Continue reading

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The Lost Rocks by David La Vere

“The Lost Rocks” is a book written by David La Vere about the Dare Stones.  David teaches American Indian History at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  His book is available at major online bookstores, as well as in … Continue reading

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The Inglis Fletcher Dare Stone Letter

Baylus Brooks, in his search for historical information having to do with the Lost Colonists happened across a letter to Inglis Fletcher.  This letter was donated to ECU as part of the Inglis Fletcher Papers upon her death by her … Continue reading

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The Dare Stones, 1 Through 48

The Dare Stones are a series of forty-eight rocks chiseled with messages purporting to be from Eleanor White Dare providing information about the survivors of Sir Walter Raleigh’s Lost Colony who disappeared from Roanoke Island between 1587 and 1590. The stones, discovered … Continue reading

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William Edward Fitch – Raleigh’s Colony Was Not Lost

Walter Edward Fitch wrote a book in 1913 titled “The First Founders in America, With Facts To Prove That Sir Water Raleigh’s Lost Colony Was Not Lost.” Fitch believed that the Lost Colony was not lost, but had become the … Continue reading

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Dasemunkepeuc, Algonquian Village Location To Be Dedicated

On August 10th, 2013, the location of the Algonquian Indian village, Dasemunkepeuc will be honored with a highway sign near Mann’s Harbour, NC, directly across the bridge from Roanoke Island.  This is part of Roanoke Island Cultural Festival and Powwow … Continue reading

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Yardley Sees Colonists’ Fort on Roanoke Island 1654

In 1654, North Carolina, then Carolina, was still being explored.  Francis Yardley’s account of the Tuscarora and Roanoke Island is the first we have of exploration this far South.  In fact it was only 4 years earlier, in 1650 that … Continue reading

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The Lost Colony in Clarksville, Virginia???

Well, you just never know where that elusive Lost Colony is going to turn up next. While researching something else entirely, I stumbled across William T. Mitchell’s writings at this site: Mitchell provides the following information Douglas L. Rights, … Continue reading

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Acanahonan Found on Jamestown Map in Dutch Archives?

Our friend Yvette in the Dutch archives has done it again.  I’m so glad she loves maps as much as I do.  This map is particularly interesting though, because it is of the James River area, near Jamestown, discovery attributed … Continue reading

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