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Jenny Wiley, Captive White Woman

Denise Smith has researched the story of Jenny Wiley, a white woman who was captured and held by the Shawnee Indians.  How long Jenny was held and what happened is a story that has many versions.  Denise tells the story, attempts to … Continue reading

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Wakarusa River – Blue Jacket’s Crossing and Home of the Shawnees

Carlyle Henshaw has been generous again and has shared his BlueJacket family research, this time about Blue Jacket Crossing. The three Bluejacket brothers that establish Bluejacket Crossing were George, Henry and Charles.  Henry was my great-great-grandfather.  The three brothers were … Continue reading

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William Hatcher, Indian Trader

William Hatcher of Virginia and his sons were Indian traders.  Of course, those words come with a whole passel of baggage.  That meant that they provided much needed services between the Native people and the colonial settlers.  It also meant … Continue reading

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South Carolina Indian Traders 1750-1754

The study of traders is important to the study of Native American tribes and ancestors.  Most, if not all, traders established Native relationships, and by that, I mean marital or intimate relationships.  What that means, exactly, depends on the culture … Continue reading

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1765 North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Map

This 1765 map of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia shows the locations of Native tribes and villages. Georgia 1765: Mintz, S., & McNeil, S. (2013). Digital History. Retrieved 26 Feb. 2014 from Hat tip to Yvonne for this … Continue reading

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