Matching DNA of Living Native Descendants to DNA of Native Ancestors

dna strandsAs most of my subscribers know, I also author the blog.  Recently, the ability for currently living people who have taken an autosomal DNA test from either Family Tree DNA (who I recommend), 23andMe or Ancestry can download their results file and compare it to the file of a Native American male who lived in present day Montana about 12,500 years ago and is associated with the Clovis culture.

We call this ancient Native child Anzick.

It was exciting when Anzick’s file was uploaded to the free (contribution) comparison site, GedMatch, because it allows anyone to compare their autosomal DNA to his.  The results of doing this have produced some real surprises, and I’ve written several articles about utilizing that DNA matching ability, the resulting discoveries and what it all means.

Here’s a list of the articles.  Enjoy!

Utilizing Ancient DNA at GedMatch

Analyzing the Native American Clovis Anzick Ancient Results

New Native Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroups Extrapolated from Anzick Match Results

Ancient DNA Matches – What Do They Mean?

Ancient DNA Matching – A Cautionary Tale

If you’d like to take a DNA test, click here.


About Roberta Estes

Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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9 Responses to Matching DNA of Living Native Descendants to DNA of Native Ancestors

  1. got2bjb says:

    Your so Cool! Thank you! 🙂

  2. My Grandfather married a full blooded Indian from a northern tribe..I my self was born in Salamanca,Ny.In 1958, I would like to know my kin and my rights if i have any My mother side had Indian,Dutch,They have told me that i belong to the tribe of five nations,
    Thank you

  3. Mike Moffitt says:

    I can’t seem to access the Clovis Anzick data on GedMatch anymore using the F999912 kit #. Have they removed the results from their database for some reason? It was working great before.

  4. Sheila Valdez says:

    F999912 and F999913 do not work….now what?

  5. Trav says:

    DNA European but yet I find the ancient Clovis, Montana markers in my archaic DNA result. – very odd.

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