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Tuscarora smoking pipeEastern Carolina University hosted the 300th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Fort Nooherooka in the spring of 2013.  In preparation for this even, ECU constructed a website, which I hope they will continue to maintain, adding documents, papers, photos and other information relevant to Tuscarora history.  In fact, this would be the perfect forum for ongoing study, papers, conferences and community events for the northern and southern Tuscarora people.

Let’s take a look at the primary pages they have assembled.

As with any website, the intro pages and acknowledgements te;; about the goals of the site and who is involved.  That list is pretty impressive.

Perhaps of more interest to our readers are the historical pages, as follows:

Artifacts excavated from the Nooherooka site by the ECU Anthropology Department between 1990 and 2001, including the smoking pipe with the eel or snake design, shown above:

Tuscarora War Documents including the Barnwell Journal:

Discussion board which holds historical articles and not really discussion:

Other items of interest include the Construction of the Nooherooka Monument as well as some videos from a visit by the New York Tuscarora in 2012 in preparation for the 300th Anniversary Commemoration Event in the spring of 2013.


I would love to see them add some photos of the Commemoration event itself.  We’ve includes two articles, one about the Commemoration and the second, a historical family story interwoven with the historical events.

Another ECU site provides this video of the events:

Additional ECU photos:

This Facebook site includes photos taken by the attendees:

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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1 Response to Nooherooka Website at ECU

  1. Lynda Logan says:

    Hi Roberta… I belong to the Melungeon Heritage Association and we have a wonderful speaker who comes every year to update us on his research regarding the Tuscarora people… His name is Dr. Arwin Smallwood and his genealogy goes back to the Tuscarora – so this was very fascination for me to see and read about… I also sent Arwin a message – as I didn’t see his name listed anywhere – but of course, he is not on the staff of East Carolina – so I’m sure that’s why…
    BUT I thought he would be interested – just in case – he hadn’t seen it…

    Thank you so much for the wonderful articles… Lynda Logan

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