Isaac, An Indian Slave

isaac, indian slave

 (1768) – “ISAAC, an Indian slave, aged about 40 years, run away from my plantation on George’s creek, in Buckingham, last Easter was twelve months. He was born and lived many years on the BROOK of CHICKAHOMINY, and has some connexions in Goochland, where he may probably be at present. He wore long curled hair before his elopement, but countenance and disposition are altogether Indian. His height about 5 feet 8 inches. He is outlawed. I will give FORTY SHILLINGS to Whoever will bring him to me. ROBERT BOLLING, jun (Virginia Gazette,Williamsburg, April 14, 1768.)

It’s interesting that Robert Bolling was known to have “an immense trade with the Indians and a store near Petersburg.”  He is intimately associated with other Indian traders such as Robert Hicks, Col. William Byrd, Robert Mumford and John Evans.  Additional details can be found in this rootsweb link where the full text of “Sketches of Greensville County, VA, 1650-1967, Chapter II, “That Honest Man, Capt. Hicks,” parts 1, 2 and 3, are transcribed.


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3 Responses to Isaac, An Indian Slave

  1. Hi Roberta,

    Is this Robert Bolling the Robert Bolling that was born 15 Aug 1778 in Henrico Co., VA and died 10 Sept 1867 in Greenville Dist., SC?


  2. tamara riggs says:

    This is the Robert Bolling who married Susan Watson of The Brook?

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