Indians in North Carolina in 1754

This document is found in the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.  It is undated, but the other document on page 320 is a tax list of taxables by county for 1754 filed on January 4, 1755.  The document sharing page 321 is dated January 4, 1755 as well, so I would presume this information is from sometime in late 1754 and was also filed on January 4, 1755.

Report concerning the number of Native Americans in North Carolina

No Author

Volume 05, Pages 320-321


Anson County
The Catawba Nation under King Hagler are of Warriors 240
The Warriors of the Cherokee Nation are 2390 divided into   different Settlements vizt The Savana River under   the Good Warrior Headman 275
On the waters of the Mississippi under the Raven of Cowee 715
——————– page 321   ——————–
The upper Settlemt of Mississippi   under the Round O. Head Man 415
In the Valley under the Raven of Highwasa 545
The lower Settlemt of Mississippi   under the Emperor of Tillaw & Old Hop of Chote the two head men of the   Cherokee Nation 640 2590
Bertie County
Of the Warriors of the Tuskerora Nations are 100
The Women & Children 201 301
Chowan County
Of the Chowan 2 Men & 3 Women and Children 7
Granville County
The Saponas about 14 Men & 14 Women 28
Northampton County
The Mecharens about 7 or 8 fighting men 8
These are all the Indians except about 8 or 10 Maramusket   Indians and as many on the Islands or Banks 20

This is particularly important information for the smaller tribes, such as the Tuscarora, Chowan, Saponi, Meherrin, Mattamuskeet and the Hatteras.  The Mattamuskeet and Hatteras had intermarried by this time, as documented in 1756, also in the Colonial Records.

It is of note that in 1754, the Catawba Nation was in North Carolina, in Anson County.

Hat tip to Sharron for this document.

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