Corntassel and Susan Robbins Corntassel

In the 1869 Cherokee West Census, I came across a couple of entries that were quite interesting, and of course, I had to take a small detour to see what I could find.

In the census, we have Lewis Corntassel, with 1 female, 2 male children and 1 female child.  Next, we have Susan Corntassel, a white who is a citizen and then we have Corntassel with 4 women and 2 male children.

Corntassel is a well know Cherokee, but how did Susan Corntassel, a white, obtain a clearly Native name, Corntassel.  I decided to take a look and see what I could find.

I found what I believe is the answer in the book, “Tahlequah: And the Cherokee Nation” by Deborah L. Duvall.  This excellent book documents many of the Cherokee families using information from the families.  This book often includes photos which were taken in the late 1800s.

Here’s what Duvall’s book had to say:

“It is said by family members that their ancestor, Corntassel, and his first wife were detained for a time in a stockade during the Trail of Tears.  The wife became sick and died along the Trail.  Corntassel had been close friends with a man known as “the Robin” who was killed, leaving his daughter, Susan Robbins, an orphan in the old Cherokee Nation.  For the sake of his old friend, Corntassel arranged for Susan’s passage to Indian Territory on a later trip across the Trail and married her. 

There is some debate as to whether or not Susan was a Cherokee.  Depending on who you talk to, she is described in varying degrees from a white woman to a full-blood.  Whatever her lineage, she and Corntassel started a family that now has many proud Cherokee descendants.”

The entry for Susan on the census in 1869 as “white” seems to address the mystery surrounding her ancestry.  I was surprised to see her photo.  It’s shown below, taken sometime in the late 1800s, courtesy of the family and found in Duvall’s book.

Corntassel himself was very interesting as well.  Duvall says that, “According to some family members, Corntassel left the old Cherokee country with the Old Settlers in the 1820s, but he served as wagon master during the Trail of Tears.  He helped the Cherokees to make the treacherous journey at least four times, and some say it was seven.  Corntassel was a blacksmith and he carried pieces of his “luber,” a machine used in his trade, from the homeland to Indian Territory with each trip until he had moved the entire thing. 

Corntassel settled on Cherokee Nation land just west of Westville where the community came to be known as Green.  It became “Old Green” when another community, also called Green, was established in Delaware County.  From Highway 51 west of Westville, you can take Ross Swimmer Road toward Old Green.  On the way, you will come upon a small cemetery with a sign that reads “Corntassel 1891.”    There you will find the grave of Corntassel and his family members.  He was believed to be 117 years old at the time of his death.”  His photo, below is from the same source.

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  1. Tim Corntassel says:

    O Si Yo, I am Tim Corntassel, chairman of the Corntassel Family Ass’n, I was just doing some on-line Corntassel-related research when I came across your article. It seems to be right-on with what I’ve always known, “Old Man Corntassel” and Susan are buried in the Corntassel cemetery at the Corntassel cemetery just a 1/4 mile from the Old Green Church/Cemetery. Susan Robbins’ history has always been a grey area for me also. I’d appriciate any more information about her.

    • Hi Tim. Glad this could be of use. I don’t have anything else, but I’ll post if I come across anything. If you find anything interesting, let me know and I’ll post for others too.

    • Charles Scott says:

      Does anyone know if Corntassle and Adam Corntassle are the same? My greatgrandmother Jennie Corntassle who married John Wesley Scott has a gravestone that says she was the daughter of “Adam Corntassle and Susan Corntassle who both survived the Trail of Tears.” She was born 14 March 1854. I’ve seen photos of the gravestone but don’t know where it is.

      • Tim Corntassel says:

        Jennie was one of the daughters of Corntassel (oochee cha lah) also known as “Old Man Corntassel” and Susan (Robbins) Corntassel. One of their sons was Adam, but there are some reports listing Old Man Corntassel also being called Adam.

      • Denise Knapp says:

        Jennie Corntassel and John Wesley Scott are buried at Old Green Cemetery.
        Corntassel and Susan did have a son named Adam Corntassel.
        Adam and Alex Corntassel were twins.

      • On Ancestry I came across the Cherokee Nation enrollment card for your Jennie’s family. It definitely lists her father as Adam and her mother as Susan, both listed with surname Corntassle. Her husband John Scott’s name is crossed through with red for some reason. Their children are listed as Henry, Ella, Susan, Thomas, Rufus, Margaret Fannie, and Dennis. This is a link to it on Ancestry, which you’ll have to be logged in there to view it:

      • Denise K Knapp says:

        Yes, Adam Corntassel and Corntassel are the same.

    • jerry chism says:

      I am a Chism. However once way before my time it was Chisholm. Corn tassel is my relation and I am very interested in knowing more of my heritage.

      • dinah sherrill says:

        Jerry, I am Dinah Sherrill. I am a Chisum and I was told the same thing about Corntassel being in my family tree. I haven’t found anything though. If you have, would you please contact me? Thank you.
        817 270 0350

      • Denise K Knapp says:


        Contact me at 918 207 6676 Denise Knapp

    • JOE GODSEY says:

      Hi ,MR. Corntassel my mother was a Watts decendent from ALABAMA do you have any info on them through your family ? Thanks for your time

  2. Tim Corntassel says:

    Charles, I don’t believe they are one and the same, Ive misplaced that page of the family tree, The Adam Corntassel that I’m aware of (1858-1906) is buried at the Corntassel Cemetery, Westville OK, he married Lutitia Ketcher (1858-1933). I found a Jennie Corntassel (1851-1939) buried at the Timpson Cemetery, Craig County OK., There is a John Wesley Scott (1851-1914) buried at the Old Green cemetery, Westville, Ok. I know the Scotts are related to us because some are members of the Corntassel Family Ass’n. I’ve put a call into our family
    historian and will update with more info when available.

  3. Tim Corntassel says:

    Charles, Just talked to our family historian about your inquirey, “Old Man” Corntassel’s wife was Susan Robbins, some mistakingly refer to him as Adam. His children were Betsey, Lewis, Jennie,Aaron, Thomas (my great-great grandfather) Annie, Adam (whose kids were Benjamin who moved back to Georgia after the Trail of Tears, Mary Ann, whose ancesters settle with the Cherokees in Texas, and John, whose ancesters stayed on their lands around Westville, OK. there was also Charolette and Johnson Corntassel. I hope this will give you an insight to our common relationship. The Scotts we have as members of the Ass’n are Rufus, J.D., Chester, Wm. R, Janet, among others. The annual Corntassel reunion is always the 3d Sat. of may, somewhere around Westville. My e-mail is

    • Charles Scott says:

      I guess if he really lived that long he had lots of time to have lots of kids. So it sounds like my great-grandmother Jennie Corntassle was the sister of your great-great-grandfather Thomas Corntassle. Jennie’s kids included my grandfather Thomas Jefferson Scott (1891-1977) who lived in Proctor. I’ve been talking to Denise Knapp from the Old Green Cemetery Association that my late uncle Sam was invovled in. My father’s Uncle Dennis Scott, another son of Jennie Corntassle, was her great-grandfather, so Susan Robbins and Corntassle were her great-great-grandparents (if I have it right.)

    • Myra Reed says:

      Annie Corntassel who married White Whitmire is my Great Great grandmother. Her son Tad Whitmire married Dona Willis, had a son named Calvin Whitmire. Calvin had a daughter Dona Whitmire and that is my mother. I love reading things about my ancestors. Thanks for the posts!

      • Priscilla Edwards says:

        My sons Michael and Rodney grandfather was Tad Whitmire. Married Dorothy Phillips. Tad second wife. They had a son Tommy Gene Whitmire which is my dons father. Tad Whimire was Annie Corntassel. My email is

  4. linda butler says:

    In my fundings. I think Corntassel, Springfrog was my 6th great grandpa, his daugther was Sushanna Contassel-Sanders. she married my grandpa Michael M. Sanders from Talking Rock Georgia. Does anyone have anything on this? please e-mail me at

    • J. Schmidt says:

      As far as I know… Susannah Springfrog, and Michael M. Sanders had a daughter. Her name was Agnes, called Aggie. The birth date I have for her is 1784, and death date in 1851. She married Jacob Alberty, (1780-1835). They had at least 3 children; Johnson, Mose and Sallie. Johnson, (who was born in 1804, I think) married Catherine (Ca-die) hood, who was the daughter of John Hood and Sally Canoe Blackwell. Johnson and Ca-die had Andrew, Delilah, George, Joshua, Martha E, and John. John (1844-1907) married Emily Clay McDonald (1851-1907) daughter of Collins McDonald (1807-1895) and Narceena Adair (1815-1862). John Alberty and Emily Clay McDonald Alberty had Henry, John Jr., Katie Cornsilk, Martha (Maggie), Mary(Mollie), and Oscar Lafayette Alberty. Oscar Lafayette Alberty (1882-1972) married Hattie Plemmins (1892-1976). Oscar and Hattie had 6 children… Betty, Donald (Donnie) Marie, Pearl, Raymond, and William Wilson Alberty. William (1909-1999) married Ardella (Ardie)Ward,(1910-2004) daughter of Arthur Vere Ward and Hattie LaBarre. William (Bill) and Ardella (Ardie) were my maternal grandparents. Some of the earlier dates, from Susannah Springfrog and Michael M. Sanders and previous, do not match up entirely… but they are what I have at the moment. I know that their daughter, Agnes (Aggie) had at least one brother, Alexander Jeremiah, who married Peggy /Margaret/ Sonicooie. Is this your relative? Or do you know of additional siblings?

  5. linda butler says:

    did any of them have a roll # that you know of?
    Michael and Susie were both born about 1750, when was Jennie born? Springfrog must of been born around the 1600. I have found his date of birth but it can’t be right, it has him born after his dauthger was born. maybe he had great powers! haha

    • Tim Corntassel says:

      Jennie was born in 1856, I don’t have her date of death recorded, Old man Corntassel was born in 1784 (approx) and died in 1891. I don’t know his wife Susan’s birth date but she died in 1891, Both in Westville, I.T. (Okla.), and are buried in the Corntassel Cemetery, near Westville, OK

  6. Charles Scott says:

    On my side Susan Robbins was enrolled as 1/2 blood Cherokee, but died prior to Sept. 1, 1901 & was stricken from roll.I think Old Corntassle was also enrolled as 1/2 blood Cherokee, and I believe he was enrolled #22466. All info is welcome.

    • linda butler says:

      thank you for writting. I wonder why they are down as 1/2 blood. i all my finding he is down as full blood. and his daugther is full blood. where do you live? I live in Ardmore Okla.

      • Tim Corntassel says:

        Old Man Corntassel was a full blood, but keep in mind in that era because of the bias against Native Americans during the Rolls it wasn’t uncommon for them to down-play their actual degree of blood. All the info I have ever seen is that Susan Robbins was a non-Indian. All of their children are listed as 1/4 blood on the 1890 Roll.

  7. Charles Scott says:

    My info is that Jennie Corntassle was born 14 Mar 1854 and died 20 Apr 1931, and that she was shown as Cherokee roll #1031- 1/2 Cherokee blood. My dad (her grandson) says that as far as he knows she didn’t speak English. She died when he was about seven years old.

    • Dorothy Lee Scott Roberts says:

      Jennie is also my great grandmother. My grandfather Rufus Rue Scott,, my father being Rufus Wilburn Scott. I remember going to visit uncle Tom Scott as a child and our uncle Dennis Grandmother had been married to Essie Buckner Scott, she used to tell me that grandmother Jennie only spoke Cherokee. My Grandparents divorced and remarried before I was born. I am enjoying reading the post I have found here.

      • denise knapp says:

        Dennis Scott was my Great Grandfather. Eunice Scott was my Grandmother. They are buried at Old Green.
        Do you have any pictures of the family?
        My I have your mailing address?

      • Dorothy Lee Scott Roberts says:

        to Denise Knapp: my mailing address is 21323 Dobbs Mt. Rd. Evansville Ar. 72729 r face book me Dorothy
        Scott Roberts. our cousin Jd Scott , and his wife Marsha, have some nice photos of the family. she brings them to the Corntassel reunion each year.

      • michael scott jr says:

        hi Dorothy Mike Scott Jr here alive and doing fine what a surprise just googled corntasel to learn more about the native side of the family and found this learning lots about our family it’s awesome haven’t seen you in month’s hope to see u soon haven’t seen my grandpaw Chester in over a month I know his being taken care of really like seeing my grandpaw but it’s kind of sad now he’s gotten really bad gonna miss him a lot it’s just not the same at his house anymore well I know I’ll be seeing u soon maybe we can all get together for thanksgiving lots of love to all my family proud to be Cherokee sincerely Michael Scott Jr 479 5738757 call me any time

  8. Tim Corntassel says:

    it’s like trying to chase down a ghost. A lot of the differences in data is because the Commisisoner of Indian Affairs (now B.I.A.) was mostly white and they misunderstood (and translated to english) alot of what was given to them during the different rolls. I have made several minor misreadings of my info while trying to respond to all inquiries. 1st-“old man” Corntassel was my great -great grand father, 2d, I was reading off a application (circa 1906) and I misquoted where my great grand father , Thomas Sr. was applying for his Degree of Indian Blood card, and the agent wrote his fathers’ ” Corntassel'” name as Oochee Cha Lah,actually it should have been se-lu-u-tsi-tsi-tsa-ti (Corntassel) The english version would be (depending on which side of the creek you were born on) Doo Low ooh Chee Chee Chaw Key, so I can see the agent’s misinterpitation of it. And #3, the Susan (Not Robbins) I cited was not 52 during the 1890 roll, but during a survey taken in 1902 or 1906.

    • Hello Tim!

      I know this post is old but I hope you’re still around on this website. I would love more information about my lineage if you have any. Mother is Cynthia Elaine Corntassel (1958-). Her Father is John Franklin Corntassel (1932-2015) who married Teresa Mary Brajkovic. Thank you to anyone who may have information or a place for me to start looking.

      • M corntassel says:

        You have your mother’s birthdate down incorrectly. She was born in 1962. Her mother’s name is Theresa and her last name won’t be listed as Brajkovic. It was misspelled when she went to school and they never corrected it. If you to know your heritage contact me. I have inherited documents from my aunt /your great aunt.

  9. Teresa says:

    Do you have any information on Jesse Chisholm from the Chisholm trail what is mothers name was all I know is daughter of corn tassel. Is father was Ignatius Chisholm.

    • Teresa, John Chisholm (the brother of Jesse Chisholm) is my three great-grandfather. I would be interested in the same information. The only information, we have is the daughter of Chief CORNTASSEL (as the wife of Ignatius Chisholm). Respectfully, Lee

      • Teresa says:

        Hello Lee,
        John Chisholm was also my 3rd or 4th grandfather, how weird is that I don’t really know much about him. My father had visited Jesse Chisholm museum in Kingfisher Oklahoma he said it was very interesting. I’ve been trying to get my Indian card and I knew that her was half Indian and half Scottish. I live in Oklahoma and have wanting to go to Talequah Oklahoma to look up familly names I’ve just been so busy working a lot of hours. My my great grandmother was Ella Pearl Chisholm. It was good to hear from you.



    • Pat Cummins says:

      I have a picture of Jessie Chisholm. He was born in Tennessee, the son of a Scotsman and a Cherokee woman. His gather either died or abandoned the family snd he and his mother went west. He became a Scoit for tbe Army and later a trader. He established trails for ranchers to lead their cattle from Texas to the rail head At Abiline, Kansas. The Eisenhower museum in Abiline had a really nice display about him about two years ago.

  10. Carlie says:

    My ancestor is Diane Corntassel, born 1740, dau of Chief Dutch Tauchee and Nancy? Married Jonathan Bradley. Does anyone know if there is a connection here?

  11. casey ward says:

    I always heard that susan Robbins corntassel was indian and the reason she was not on the rolls is because you were required to be able to trace your lineage to someone on the 1851 or earlier and she was orphaned very young and taken in by the robbins family. Therefore she did not know enough about her family to be able to trace it to the rolls. being an adopted kid on the robbins side she was not able to claim through them. I was told she always spoke cherokee never learned english.

    • Pat Cummins says:

      Susan Robbins may well be a distant relative of mine through my 7th great grandfather John Robins, (Robbins) who was a Headman of the Chowanoke Tribe in northeastern North Carolina. After the loss of almost all of the Chowan land base, and a drastic decline in the Chowanoke population, some of his descendants moved west into Western North Carolina, and Tennessee and even Eastern Kentucky by the time of the Trail of Tears. No way to know for sure if there is a relationship to Susan but nothing would surprise me at this point.

  12. Denise Knapp says:

    I am having a headstone installed at Old Green Cemetery for my other Great, Great Grandmother, Margaret Teehee. Daughter of Charlee Bearpaw Teehhee and Guo Lah Yoo Gal.
    Margaret was taken from Saline District to Goingsnake District after her mother Guo Lah Yoo Gal died by a woman named Nancy Corntassel or Blosson, I understand that Nancy and
    Guo Lah Yoo Gal were half sister’s from their mother’s side… Can anyone confirm this?
    Does this mean that Margaret’s mother was married to Charlee Bearpaw and then to Corntassel at one time or another?

    • Yvonne says:

      Denise, Polly “Quah-lah-you-gah” who married Charles Tehee was said to be the daughter of Chickenroost and Lydia. SOURCE: Eastern Cherokee application Margaret Teehee Hammer 2464. The application of Sarah Bailey, 3286, identifies her grandparents as Chickenroost and Che-gay-u-ee.

      Qual-la-yu-ka or Mary was the mother of Sarah Bailey. Sarah’s father was Osie Wilson “Ocie Gee-tla” HAIR. Osie was the son of Henry “Pick Up Hair” “Little Hair” Gi-da Ka-ne-s-ga “Keetlerneter” “Ke tla gar na ske” (I’ve included all the name variations he’s been documented to have). Mary Qual-la-yu-ka could be the same person as Polly “Quah-lah-you-gah.” Betsy Hair, the daughter of Osie and Mary, married a Blossom. SOURCES and associated applications: Betsy Blossom 5002, Julia Blackwood 24997, Eliza Wolf 5784, Betty Sanders 578, Lucy Proctor 176, Charles Tehee 9295, Nancy Miller 3210, Lydia Proctor 1168, Oo-ch-la-ta Thompson 10587, Mary IMC Thompson ECA 38307, Andrew J Rogers 1991, James Bearpaw 13199, and Charlie Bearpaw 13313.

      I have many of these lines documented if you’d like to communicate by email.

  13. Yvonne says:

    Per the Eastern Cherokee application of Thomas Corntassel, 25421, the father of Oochee-cha-tah/ Oo-gee-go-tah Corntassel (who married Susan Robbins), was Adam Oo-dah-wee Corntassel. This man is the older Adam discussed above. Other Eastern Cherokee applications that reference this family are: Adam Corntassell 1590 and ECA Lutitia Corntassle, nee Ketcher, 1386.

  14. Yvonne says:

    Tom Corntassel’s Eastern Cherokee application gives the name of Susan Robbins’ father as Lo-wa-nah Robbins. The “Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees, Vol II,” pages 109, 116, 127,135, and 191 identifies a “Robin” as the son of Dawnee of Oostanoula who married The Water Hunter. This Robin was a student at the Mission in 1814. Water Hunter is identified as Dawnee’s husband on page 477 of the same volume. I cannot document that the Robin, son of Dawnee and the Water Hunter is the same person as La-wa-nah Robbins, father of Susan, but the timeline fits. The Water Hunter is identified as the son of Standing Deer in the Eastern Cherokee application 6618 for Jacob Hummingbird. Since Wilson Hummingbird married Johuanna Corntassel and was the nephew of Jacob Hummingbird, I’m inclined to believe these Robins are either the same or at the least related.

    • Yvonne, here’s something that fits as well. (Old Man) Corntassel, prior to the removal, lived in what is now called the Holland community which is the southernmost mid-portion of present day Chattooga County here in northwest Georgia. The Oostanaula River runs north to south about 10-12 miles due east of there. The Springplace mission was located just northeast of there about 20 miles or so. (sadly, the Georgia DOT recently and very quietly removed the Springplace mission historical marker to widen the road). A mile or so southwest of the old Corntassel homestead is Bogan Mountain, which used to be called Scraper mountain prior to the removal. Anyone with a modicum of Corntassel’s family history research understands the significance between these two families. A Cherokee named ‘Cheif’ Scraper, as he was known at the time, lived about 2 miles due west from Corntassel at the foot of Bogan (Scaper) mountain in what is now Gaylesville, AL, just up off the Chattooga River banks. After the land lottery and subsequent removal, the Henderson family took over Scraper homestead and built and addition to the cabin, expanding the size significantly. Fortunately, my sister recently purchased that homestead and lives there currently. (it still has the original, hand-hewn cypress log walls in the cabin section). Corntassel was hired by Captain Richard Taylor to drive an Ox team wagon during the removal. I’ve uncovered very much more compelling details on Corntassel’s pre-removal history in my 27+ years of research. If anything it’s taught me everything my now deceased ancestors told me while growing up was 100% correct! Hope you find this of interest.

  15. Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes says:

    Were there not TWO Chief Corntassels? One was Cherokee, and was highly respected. The other
    was not Cherokee, perhaps Shashonie (sp) ? My fifth great grandfather was Chief Corntassel, also
    called, “Old Tassel”He sometimes used the name of George Watts. He was killed along with others
    in his party, while under a flag of truce. He was the father of Dianne Corntassel (and others I am
    sure) Dianne Corntassel married John Bradley, one of their children was Richard Bradfley who
    married Elizabeth A. Sharpness, their daughter, Mary Polly Bradley married David Boyette, their son
    Henry Boyett was my GG Grandfather, Henry Boyett married Ally Guy and their daughter (one of them) was Eliza Boyett, who married William Franklin Hall, Making her my G G mother. I would appreciate feed back on these two chief’s named Corntassel.
    Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes
    Grand Ridge, Florida

  16. Sandy Berry says:

    I’ve been researching Susannah Springfrog for years and was initially told she was the daughter of Corntassel. She may be an ancestor of my husand. I find different Corntassel’s & it’s not clear to me & the dates I find don’t match up. From my understanding there is a George “Old Tassel” who was hung in George in 1830. Then is Adam Corntassel his son? And who is Corntassel Springfrog? I find death dates for 1891 for born of these last two. And the photo of Corntassel above I thought was Old George Tassel but I guess it’s Adam Corntassel. I’m looking for a generation list showing Susannah’s relationship to all of the above.

    I’ve also been told Mitchell Sanders & Susannah Springfrog Sanders had a daughter Nancy Sanders who married Robert Berry. I find other marriages for Nancy but not to a Berry. I do see a Robert Berry listed on the Cherokee records from Gilmer County, Ga to Oklahoma. Supposedly Robert & Nancy are the parents of Sarah Berry Hudson who was on the Trail of Tears. Then later Robert Berry ends up back in Gilmer County, Ga being murdered by a relative. Can anyone clear this up for me? I’ve exhausted on this subject because there are so many different stories.


    • Roy Galusha says:

      The Nancy Sanders who married Robert Berry was not Mitchell Sanders and Susannah Springfrog’s daughter. That was another Nancy Sanders.

      The Nancy Sanders who married Robert Berry was the daughter of Thomas Sanders and Chi-Coo-ie. Thomas Sanders was the son of Mitchell Sanders and his first wife, an unknown Cherokee Woman. Nobody knows if Mitchell and his first wife were divorced or if she died. What is know is that they only had one child Thomas. Nobody knows who Mitchell’s first wife was except that she was Cherokee. Per Crosland Smith, his first wife would have been Deer Clan. Crosland attributes Mary Berry, and Nancy (Sanders) Berry as being of the Deer Clan. I believe that Mitchell’s second wife was Bird Clan or Long Hair (not positive on that though).

      Nancy and Robert had five children: Thomas, James, Jane (Jennie), Mary and Sarah. Some people have added other children, but there is no proof that there were ever any other children of Nancy and Robert.

      Robert was murdered by his wife’s cousin Benjamin Saunders (Sanders) AKA Benjamin Crittendon.

      The information on Nancy Sander’s parents is listed in Don Shadburn’s latest book “Upon Our Ruins” (published in 2011) that he co-authored with John D Strange III. John Strange is the source that listed Thomas and Chi-Coo-ie’s children and the parents of Thomas Sanders.

      You can contact me direct if you wish at

      Roy Galusha

      • echs1966 says:

        In regards to the man who killed Robert Berry, I show a Thomas Crittenden married to Jennie Sanders (aunt & uncle to Nancy Sanders) & several children for them on ancestry but no son Benjamin?

        Also, does anyone know for sure who Robert Berry’s parents were? A relative of ours says it was John (Jack) Berry Sr. from Gwinnett County, Ga. John Jack had other known sons of Simon, James E. & John Jr. I don’t know who their mother was. They are written up in the History of Gwinnett County.

    • Roy Galusha says:

      I forgot to mention in my previous post, James and Thomas had no children as far as I could tell. They both apparently died as did Nancy (Sanders) Berry shortly after settling in Galena, KS.

      Jane “Jennie” Berry married James W. Fields.

      Mary Berry married Benjamin Franklin Landrum

      Sarah Berry married Joshua Thomas Buffington Hudson.

      It would appear that the Trail of Tears journey for the Berry family would have occurred in 1833. Mary Berry was born on the Trail of Tears on Feb 3, 1833. It would appear that they (or at least Robert) returned, because Robert was murdered on Mary 14, 1837 in Talking Rock, Gilmer, GA during an alcohol induced argument with Benjamin Sanders..

      • Roy Galusha says:

        No idea who Robert Berry’s parents were. Unfortunately, there were a number of Robert Berrys in Georgia at the time.

      • Roy Galusha says:

        The Benjamin Sanders who killed Robert Berry was also called Benjamin Crittenden because he was raised for part of his life in his aunt and uncle’s home; William Crittenden and Jenny (Sanders) Crittenden. Jenny was the sister of David Archibald Sanders. David was Thomas’ father. Jenny and David would have been 1st cousins to Thomas Sanders (Nancy {Sanders} Berry’s father). Benjamin and Nancy would have been second cousins.

  17. KC says:

    I have just recently started researching, but what I have starting from recent: Isaac Harnage Ragsdale 1851-1922, son of Isaac Ragsdale 1797-1865 and Mary Sanders. Mary Sanders 1801-1858, daughter of Alexander Jeremiah Sanders and Peggy Margaret Sonicooie. Alexander Jeremiah Sanders son of Mitchell/Michael Sanders and Susannah Susie Springfrog 1754-1851. Susannah Susie Springfrog 1754-1851, daughter of Chief Corntassel Springfrog 1796-1891 and E Li Si Pomeroy 1764-1818. Chief Corntassel Springfrog 1796-1891, son of Adam Corntassel (Jr?) and Lutitis Gah teh yah Betsey Tecah ne ye skee Ketcher. Some of my dates are not adding up so if anyone has any information they are willing to share that would be great! Thanks:)

  18. KC Ragsdale says:

    I have just recently started researching, but what I have starting from recent: Isaac Harnage Ragsdale 1851-1922, son of Isaac Ragsdale 1797-1865 and Mary Sanders. Mary Sanders 1801-1858, daughter of Alexander Jeremiah Sanders and Peggy Margaret Sonicooie. Alexander Jeremiah Sanders son of Mitchell/Michael Sanders and Susannah Susie Springfrog 1754-1851. Susannah Susie Springfrog 1754-1851, daughter of Chief Corntassel Springfrog 1796-1891 and E Li Si Pomeroy 1764-1818. Chief Corntassel Springfrog 1796-1891, son of Adam Corntassel (Jr?) and Lutitis Gah teh yah Betsey Tecah ne ye skee Ketcher. Some of my dates are not adding up so if anyone has any information they are willing to share that would be great! and any stories that go along with these folks….Thanks:)

    • Phillip L. Sanders says:

      Mr. Ragsdale,
      I belive I am a decent of Mitchell/Michael Sanders and Susannah Susie Springfrog
      Corntassel. I belive they had a son whose name was (John.) I have seen one accout
      of him being named (Julius). I can find no where of him being called (John Julius). Iam
      wondering if you would have any information on it.
      Phillip L. Sanders…….

  19. Chris Whitmire says:

    I am a descendant of Jenena Corntassel who married James Warren Whitmire. They are 2 of my G-Grandparents

    • Tim Corntasssel says:

      Chris, the Whitmires are define
      itly related to the Corntassel,s are you related to Jewel and Eva Lee? Instead of Jenena could it be Johuanna?

      • Mary says:

        Can you please elaborate on the Whitmire connection to Chief CornTassel? I am related to Jewel and am trying to research the Whitmire’s but have hit a brick wall until now. Any information you can share or are willing to share I would Greatly Appreciate it. My grandmother was Willie Mae Whitmire Rodgers her dad was Charles Wesley Whitmire. Charles Married Mary Josephine Mitchell from Tx.

    • George (Butch) Richard says:

      Chris I am George (Butch) Richard a GGGrandson of Corntassel & Susan Robbins, I am keeping the Corntassel Family Tree Descendants up to date and am interested in getting Jenena’s descendants added. Please call or e-mail me. Thanks Butch
      George W. Richard
      Westville, Ok. 74965

      • Tim Corntassel says:

        Butch, I am so glad that you and Denise and the others are helping out on the postings here. You have so much info to share. With my wife (Gayle) going into our 15th month of fighting her pancreatic cancer, I find it hard to keep track of this site. Wa Do, Tim

      • Denise Knapp says:

        Ho wa Tim

      • Prayers for you and your wife, Tim.

  20. Brenda Cox says:

    I just started to search how my grandmother was some how related to Chief Corntassel. Her Name was Mary Edith ( Martin) Horton, Her parents were William Mckenzie Martin, and Mary Eugenia (Kirkland) Martin .Another family member Barbara Merritt Spradlin has all the information
    but will not share it with the rest of the family. So if you could help me I would appreciate it.

  21. Denise Knapp says:

    Jennie Corntassel and John Wesley Scott is my Great, Great Grandparents.
    I am the secretary of the Corntassel Family Association.
    We have a reunion every year.
    May 17th 11:00 am, Proctor Community Center, Proctor, Oklahoma.
    Email me your address and I will send you a newsletter.

    • Myra Reed says:

      Would definetly love a newsletter. Please send to Thanks a lot Denise!!

      • Denise Knapp says:

        Email me your address and tell me how your are related to the Corntassel’s.
        Are you related to one of John Scott and Corntassel’s children? The name Reed sounds familiar.


      • Myra Reed says:

        Hi Denise, Annie Corntassel, daughter of Adam and Susan is my great great grandmother. She married White Whitmire. She and White had Tad Whitmire, who is my great grandfather. Tad then married Dona Willis and their son Calvin Whitmire is my grandfather. Calvin and Ruby Pullium had my mother, Dona Whitmire. I am enrolled under White and Annie Whitmire. This is how i’m directly related to the Corntassels.

  22. Tim Corntasssel says:

    Thanks Denise for answering what you can

  23. Tim Corntasssel says:

    I can still remember swimming in the creek that ran thru Jewel and Eva Lee’s property, it was the Green Branch (that flowed into the Baron Fork Creek), being spring-fed it was the coldest water that even for a 7/8 yr. old I and my older brother Tommy (yes, named after the previous Tommie and Thomas Corntassel) we could , even on the hottest August day, spend no more than a few minutes at a time in. This was back around the late 50’s, early 60’s.

  24. Amy Lane says:

    My mother was Maxine Corntassel, her father Benjamin Corntassel..can you get me farther back than that?

  25. Amy Lane, Benjamin Corntassels father was Adam Corntasel (1858-1906), his spouse was Lutitia (Ketcher) Corntassel (1858-1933) I don’t have the date of Benjamin’s date of death handy but he was born in 1889, married Ethel (Keener) Corntassel(1898-1971). had 4 children,.Opal, spouse: Jack Wolfe (1920-1984) one son Ronald (1943- ?),Raymond, spouse’s name I don’t have, son: Raymond. Benjamin Jr. (died as a child) then Maxine

  26. I’m sorry that I haven’t responded to everyone’s e-mails, informational request, etc., but my wife of 34 yrs. is fighting incurable pancreatic cancer. so between the chemo and Dr.s visits I’ve been preoccupied. She is resting now so I thought I’d try to get caught up on things (I do find solace in helping out on answering as much as I can) wa do

  27. I guess I need to clarify things, this is Tim, Gayle is not married to her wife of 34 yrs, also named Gayle.

  28. Tim Corntassel says:

    O-Si-Yo, Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for my wife. Part of the irony of it all is that we received the news 3 days after my retirement from the Post Office after 30 yrs., thankful that now that we have her pain under control, she has more “good days” than “bad days”, anyone that has been thru this themselves or with a loved one knows what I mean. I’m just glad that I can be here without worrying about taking time off from work. Keep the questions coming, I’ll check in from time-to-time and the Corntassel historians (Denise Knapp and George “Butch” Richard) are always available. wa do

    • Hello Tim, I have been reading the comments and posts regarding Corntassel family. I am not sure how you and your wife are doing as of today. I noticed it has been a couple of months since the last correspondence has been made on this page. I hope all is well for you and your family. I don’t know if my ancestors coincide with your family. It seems as tho anything I look up on the Cherokee Nation usually falls back to the Corntassell name. I am trying to locate any information on my maternal grandmother side of the family. It has been brought to my attention that we are aka Black Dutch, which I understand that the Cherokees of mixed blood take on as nationality to be able to remain in the northeast region of Georgia known as Elijay, Gilmer county, Ga, without persecution of being a ful-blood Cherokee indian. It has been an exhausting path trying to find the information I so desire to know. I am trying to find this information not because of membership, it’s an urge to know my ancestors. I know this great nation of ours has many different nationalities in it but the one that matters to me the most is the ones that were here before any of the others invaded. In my heart I know where I come from but just curiousity brings me to wanting to know more. My grandmother’s maiden name was Dotson/Dodson. My mom told me that occasionally the last name may have been from the mothers first name, don’t know how much truth is in that but looking over the Census’ in the 1800’s a lot of the time the spelt it how it was pronounced. I’ve got a lot of information but just don’t know how to verify most of it. I have been using the site for a while but the info is not always verifiable, due to legibility and other people not looking at dates. I am not sure if you could help me with any information but even libraries in my area to check out books. Anything you could help me with is most graciously welcome. In Christ, Edwina Albritton

      • Tim Corntassel says:

        Edwina, I wished I had more time to keep up on postings but with my wife’s cancer (bi-weekly chemo’s, Dr’s appt’s, blood test, etc. My mother-in-law lives in my back yard( I bought a 2 bdrm 16 X 60 mobile home 20+ yrs ago for her to live close,) My 67 bro-in-law also has projects going on needing my help. I’m not complaining, but that now I’m retired and still in good health, I guess I’m assuming the caretaker role. Check out George “Butch” Richard’s posting, he and Denise Knapp are the historians of the Corntassel Ass’n, they could probably answer your questions or possibly steer you in the right direction. Contact me any time. Wa Do, Tim

  29. Patricia Ann Hinson Mordes says:

    I am happy for you and your wife, that you are having some good days, Thank the Creator for
    those. Is your Chief Corntassel, The one called “Old Tassel” otherwise known as George “Watts” He had a brother named “dragging canoe” This Cheif Corntassel, was Cherokee,
    and was killed under a flag of truce, in Georgia. I believe, he was killed by a John Seiver, this
    would have occurred in the 1760s, and happened in then Liberty town, now Tennessee. His
    daughter (or one of them) was Dianne Corntassel, who was my sixth G Grandmother. Do you
    have any info on this particular Chief, called mainly “Old Tassel” and “beloved man”.
    He was chief of the Cherokee Nation in Georgia, and back into the land that is not the Carolinas, and Tenn. Thanks for any info on him. A list of his children would be expecially appreciated
    Blessings on you and yours,
    Patricia Hinson Mordes

  30. Dee says:

    OH-I forgot to mention-some Cherokees were stricken from the rolls-throughout the whole time of records being in existence for one reason or other-mostly political-especially at the time of the Dawes, or final rolls and the politics were usually grudge-based, coming from those who were related to the treaty party-any of the treaty party members who signed the Treaty of New Echota-(or their families and supporters) the treaty that was signed agreeing to money for the Cherokee being removed to the West.
    I found many Cherokees who had been removed (many later added back on to rolls) and some were even full-bloods, just because they supported the Treaty party. Some were enrolled,but at a lesser degree of blood so they could not get certain benefits that they were entitled to back then. On the other hand, some lesser blood Cherokee were enrolled as full-bloods if they could speak the Cherokee language.

  31. Tim Corntassel says:

    Edwina and Patricia, sorry I haven’t been on in awhile. I have been preoccupied with helping my wife’s struggle with pancreatic cancer. Chemo #22 this Monday, even tho it is still “incurable” the T-Marker numbers have dropped dramatically! Anyhow, I have contacted the Corntasel family historians and hopefully they can post something to help soon. WaDo

  32. denise knapp says:

    Priscilla, please email me your mailing address so I can send you a Corntassel Newsletters for updates.

  33. Ken says:

    My grandmother was Bessie Mae Scott and I do believe she is Rufus Rue Scott’s daughter. If anyone has anything to share with me that would be great. I look forward to learning more.

  34. Tim Corntassel says:

    Ken, contact, he and Denise Knapp are the historians for the Corntassel Family Ass’n they have a lot of info available. Quite a few of the Scotts attend our annual reunions and Rufus, Sammy & Chester among others were always there. Wa Do, Tim Corntassel

  35. michael eugene scott jr says:

    this is so interesting my name is michael Scott Jr Chester Scott is my grandfather Rufus is my great grandfather been to two reunions with my grandpaw was not so interesting at the time just a bunch of people I don’t know but now I can’t wait until wait until the next one just playing with the phone and googled corntasel because I’m proud to be cheroke this site is awesome a lot of familiar names think I’m a member of the corntasel asn can somebody post the date of the next reunion dident see it anywhere want to check out the cemetery agin see you in proctor😎

    • Denise Knapp says:


      What is your address? I’ll send you a newsletter when it’s time.. You can text me @ 918-207-6675.

      • Tim Sanders says:

        Denise(and all others here)….it seems that I(Sanders) am a distant, distant…very distant relative(according to my “My Heritage” website research. I have traced my lineage back to Chief Corntassel(US side) and to England and/or Scotland(explains my pale white skin). Of course I have gone so deep into it that I can be off a few centuries. I am currently waiting for my DNA results to be processed(very excited) so I can continue this long and arduous but very relevant and exciting process in learning who I am…or what I am I suppose.
        Can you tell me what normally goes into the newsletters? If I am attached to this great family wheel, I would love to be included in any updates/findings and may even get to attend a huge family reunion!
        Thank you for your time and consideration.
        Tim Sanders

  36. Tim Corntassel says:

    To all of you that have been keeping track of these post. Thank you for your assistance. My wife Gayle passed away Aug. 9th after battling pancreatic cancer for 2 1/2 yrs. I’ll still try to check back from time to time. Wa Do and Donadagohv, Tim Corntassel

  37. Tim Corntassel says:

    To everyone that has followed this the last few years, I’m sorry to say my wife Gayle passed away in August. The chemo just stopped working, and within 5 wks. she was gone. She was at home, asleep, and in no pain, like I had promised her during our trip home from being told there was nothing else they could do for her. A special thanks to the Integris Hospice (Miami, Ok) for all their help during the final weeks. I hope to be back soon. donadagohv, Tim Corntassel

  38. Becky says:

    So sorry for your loss Tim. I have been following this forum for over a year. My dad recently passed away from a very aggressive pancreatic cancer -fought it until the last few minutes. I started my research for my dad’s 80th birthday & have gggrandmother Charlotte Robbins that married a G. Fields. He was supposed to be an uncle of Chief Richard Fields. They lived in NC, TN & AL. This was my paternal grandmother tree. I have other potential names on my mom’s side (women marrying & claiming white to stay off the Trail). Yep, always heard the stories about the Cherokee line on both sides & made an annual trip to Cherokee, NC. My family is from north AL area & most ancestors, 3-4generations, were born or lived in or near Eastern Cherokee Territory. I have seen names on various rolls, yet the ‘hiding’ has made it difficult. The information you all share is fascinating & very helpful. If anyone has information on the Fields connection or avenues for research, I would be or ever grateful!

    Wishing all a Merry & Peaceful Christmas,
    Becky Burnett Ivey

  39. Lou Jean Harris Okamura says:

    So sorry for your loss Tim. Its not easy I know I lost my brother to cancer in 2009. But here I am checking into my Chisholm heritage. I am a third great granddaughter of Jesse Chisholm and Elizabeth Edwards of Creek heritage. My second great grandfather was William Chisholm who married Julia McLish a Chickasaw. One of their daughters Angeline Biddie Chisholm Lee was my Great Grandmother. Her daughter Sarah Katherine Lee (aka Kate Lee)Harris was my Grandmother. Her son Robert Lee Harris was my father. Whew that’s a mouth full. We have never been able to find what the name of Jesse’s mother was. We know she was the sister to Corntassel, and Wurteh who was Sequoia’s mother. Jesse and Sequoia where first cousins and very close. His step-Mother was Martha Rogers. If you have any info on what his mother’s name is I would appreciate it. Incidentally when the Chisholm brothers first migrated from Scotland to North Carolina there were many of the family there. But the brothers were a very rowdy bunch and some of the family did not want to be associated with them so they changed their spelling of Chisholm to Chisum. They are related on the Scot side. All are related to the Bruce, the Douglas family, and the Stuarts. The Laird of the Chisholms reserved THE title to THE GOD, THE KING, and to THE CHISHOLM. Funny thing is we have a picture of several Scottish Lairds and it shows the Chisholm had a hair lip. Some of my cousins were born with a hair lip. Its funny what you find out when doing tracing of family. My brother Robert Lee Harris Jr did all the work on our family before he died. He told me when you find a link write it down and even if it doesn’t lead you to something at the time, don’t throw it away because somewhere down the line it might just fit. I’d appreciate any help you can give me on Jesse’s mother. Hope everything is going well for you.
    A’ho. Jean (Silverfox) Okamura aka Lou Jean Harris Okamura.

    • Caleb says:

      Hi there! I am researching family history for my grandma. We believe that we are related to Martha Rogers. Do you happen to have more details about her? We get the general sense of where she’s from but there’s a lot of confusion about marriages etc. Just wanted to see if there’s a chance you may know more. Thank you so much!

  40. How can I find out more about the Corntassel lineage? I am a descendant of Corntassel and would like to learn more!

  41. Kevin Gant says:

    Hello, I have slowly been doing genealogy research and finding my heritage on both sides of my family. I have been registered with Cherokee Nation since a child but never knew where the heritage came from past my grandmother. Searching via I found that I’m in the family tree of Corntassel. Interested to read more about this tree and read the above 100+ comments.

  42. Laura Bates Handyside says:


    My name is Laura. I was helping my niece with a genealogy project and became fascinated by a relative called Capt. John “Hell Fire” Jack Rogers. He married Martha Carpenter. In the descriptions I have found it says, “sister to Corntassel, Jr.” Can you shed any light on this. Thank you.

  43. Staci mccoy says:

    Hi. My grandmother’s maiden name was robbins. Could she be related to Susan a robbins corntassel? Her name was lovetta Gertrude robbins but her mom was Eva Gertrude siler and her dad was Elbert Robbins. Much thanks, I find a lot of native American on cousin’s side.

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