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Some Native Americans Had Oceanic Ancestors

This week has seen a flurry of new scientific and news articles.  What has been causing such a stir?  It appears that Australian or more accurately, Australo-Melanese DNA has been found in South America’s Native American population. In addition, it … Continue reading

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Native American DNA Haplogroups Q and C and the Big Y Test

I’m writing this to provide an update about Native American paternal research, and to ask for your help and support, but first, let me tell you why.  It’s a very exciting time. If you don’t want the details, but you know … Continue reading

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Thomas Asylum for Orphan and Destitute Indian Children

When I was transcribing the New York Indian Census records from the 1880s, I noticed that at the end of several tribal lists was a short, separate list called “Thomas Asylum” or “Thomas Orphans” with children listed. Indeed, the Thomas … Continue reading

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The Autosomal Me Series Finishes with Identification of Native Family Lines

Finally, it’s done!!!  What’s done, you ask?  The final chapter in the DNA series, “The Autosomal Me.”  The goal of this series was to use my DNA results to see if I could identify which family lines carried Native heritage.  … Continue reading

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1887 Croatan Indian Petition Signers

In 1887, the Croatan Indians, now the Lumbee, petitioned the state legislature to establish a normal school to train Indian teachers for the county’s tribal schools. With state permission, they raised the requisite funds, along with some state assistance, which … Continue reading

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The Autosomal Me – Who Am I???

This is Part 3 of a multi-part series. Part 1 was “The Autosomal Me – Unraveling Minority Admixture” and Part 2 was “The Autosomal Me – The Ancestors Speak.”  Part 1 discussed the technique we are going to use to … Continue reading

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The Autosomal Me – Unraveling Minority Admixture

You’re invited to come along with me on a journey.  It’s an epic event, a journey into the deepest recesses of our cells, into the smallest pieces of our DNA, into the part previously thought to be useless because it’s … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Spilling the Beans and Reaching Out

Everyone in the US and Canada celebrates the holiday of Thanksgiving, although on different dates.  Traditionally, as all children learn in grade school, in the US this holiday celebrates the Pilgrims being helped by the Indians to survive and a … Continue reading

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Genoa, Nebraska Indian School

While transcribing the Native American draft registrants in Nebraska, I had noticed a few in Nance County.  It’s not the most common county to find Native people.  When I ran across John Red Wolf’s information, the Nance County designation made … Continue reading

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Native and African American Houses – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This week I was honored to speak at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  These speaking engagements were different than anything I’ve ever participated in.  I’ve done quite a bit of university speaking, but generally conferences.  These events were different because … Continue reading

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