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Seminole Chief Osceola, Billy Powell

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, Osceola was named Billy Powell at birth in 1804 in the Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama, in current Elmore County. “The people in the town of Tallassee…were mixed-blood Native … Continue reading

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William Hatcher, Indian Trader

William Hatcher of Virginia and his sons were Indian traders.  Of course, those words come with a whole passel of baggage.  That meant that they provided much needed services between the Native people and the colonial settlers.  It also meant … Continue reading

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South Carolina Indian Traders 1750-1754

The study of traders is important to the study of Native American tribes and ancestors.  Most, if not all, traders established Native relationships, and by that, I mean marital or intimate relationships.  What that means, exactly, depends on the culture … Continue reading

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William Eaton Petition to Tax People of Color Fairly

This document is quite interesting.  William Eaton, an Indian trader, was well known in conjunction with the Saponi Indians who lived next to or on his plantation in Granville County, NC.  His 1754 muster roll provides us with several of … Continue reading

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