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Sleep Long Time

In the Carlisle Indian School records, we find someone listed as Sleep Long Time, a Chief, listed among the students.  I was interested to see what I could find about this man. The picture below was taken between 1910 and … Continue reading

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Chief American Horse, Sioux

  Chief American Horse (the younger) is one of the Indian Chiefs listed as either a visitor or a student at the Carlisle School. Chief American Horse was Oglala Lakota, born in 1840 in the Black Hills of South Dakota, … Continue reading

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First Footprints: Episode 4 – The Biggest Estate 9,000 Years Ago to 1788

Living in Australia for 50,000 years, in order to survive, the Aboriginal people learned every ecological detail, immortalized it in the law, and passed it on through the generations.  They transformed the entire continent of Australia into the biggest estate … Continue reading

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Cut Your Hair – or Else

It was 1902.  The government was unhappy that Indians were acting like, well, Indians, with their own customs and ways of life.  The government wanted to make the Indians white, or what they called “civilized,” so they would stop causing trouble … Continue reading

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Indian Slaves from NC Wills

One of the first things that the Europeans did was to harness the physical power of the Native people.  The English weren’t the first.  The Spanish enslaved the Native people beginning with their first foray into what is now North … Continue reading

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Pee Dee Indian Surnames

In Volume 11, Issue 2 of the Rice Planter Newsletter of the Old Bartholomew Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society, an article written by J. Michelle Schohn, Historian of the Pee Dee Indian Nation of Beaver Creek was reprinted … Continue reading

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Portingals, Portuguese, Melungeons, Creoles, Moors, Mulattoes and the Banjo

You just never know where a banjo is going to take you. George Gibson wrote a very interesting article about his own Gibson genealogy research, spurred by his enduring interest in banjos and banjo-playing mountain men. One of the areas … Continue reading

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Spencer Wells – DNA LiveChat – September 13th

Mark your calendar now!  This upcoming Friday the 13th holds a bit of good luck. National Geographic is offering the opportunity for people interested in the field of genetics to ask questions directly to The Genographic Project and Spencer Wells in a live Twitter … Continue reading

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1731 – Tuscarora Raiding South Carolina Indians

Instructions to William Waties concerning the relationship between North Carolina and South Carolina and Native Americans Johnson, Robert, 1677-1735 April 10, 1731 Volume 11, Pages 23-25 ——————– page 23 ——————– [B. P. R. O. So: Carolina. B. T. Vol: 7. … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

What was I thinking when I said that I wanted to really focus on DNA and be able to make a significant contribution?  What was I thinking several years ago when I said that I really believed the genetic genealogy … Continue reading

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