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Charles “Indian Charley” Curtis – 1st Native American in the White House

Charles Curtis (January 25, 1860 – February 8, 1936) was a United States Representative, a longtime United States Senator from Kansas later chosen as Senate Majority Leader by his Republican colleagues, and the 31st Vice President of the United States … Continue reading

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Bonita Bent-Nelson, Quillwoman

Recent, I attended a powwow and met a remarkable artist, Bonita Bent-Nelson, also known as Quillwoman.  How she earned the name Quillwoman is obvious once you see her quillwork. But before we look at Bonita’s work, let’s learn a little … Continue reading

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“My Shame is as Big as the Earth” – Massacre at Sand Creek

Cheyenne Chief, Black Kettle, above, tried to make peace with the whites..  The results was the betrayal of the Indians by the whites and the bloody and horrific Sand Creek Massacre in 1864.  Black Kettle somehow survived, and afterward, in relation … Continue reading

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Daniel Earring

I was quite surprised to see the name Daniel Earring in the Carlisle Indian School records.  I was interested to know whether this name was an anomaly or whether it was a name found among Native families.  Daniel was Sioux.  … Continue reading

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