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Cherokee-White Intermarriages in Indian Territory

James Plyant in wrote about “Cherokee-White Intermarriages: Citizenship by Intermarriage in the Cherokee Nation” from testimony taken in Indian Territory. The magazine has made those documents free to download. You can access the article and downloads here. For white … Continue reading

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for the Native Heritage blog.  Given that I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested when I started this project, there have been an amazing number of views and subscribers.  Thank … Continue reading

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Meherrin Indian Tribe Petition for Federal Recognition Denied

The Meherrin Indian Tribe petitioned the federal government for federal recognition as an Indian tribe and was denied on January 16, 2014.  The government’s response to their petition can be seen here. I was mortified to read their reasoning, and the … Continue reading

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2013 – Native Heritage Project in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepare a 2013 annual report for their blogs.  I really like this service, and here’s part of what it said. The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 150,000 … Continue reading

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“Commemorating” Columbus Day – Sees Through Time

The year was 1992.  The Embroiderers’ Guild of America had issued a challenge for members to create original works of needleart commemorating the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ Discovery of America. As a descendant of both European and Native people, I … Continue reading

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Locklayer and Burt of “Indian” Color

Found in the Halifax County, NC, Minutes, County Court, 1847-1865 A Minute of the Free Papers issued to Free Persons of Colour April A. D. 1848 viz March 8, 1848 Gabriel LOCKLAYER is of a coffee or Indian complexion thirteen years of age … Continue reading

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The Cobell Case and Indian Reservation Ownership

The Cobell Case, known my many different names, was a class action suit filed by Native American representatives against two departments of the United States government. The plaintiffs claim that the U.S. government has incorrectly accounted for the income from Indian … Continue reading

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5,500 Year Old Native Grandmother Found Using DNA

Members of the Metlakatla First Nation Community near Prince Rupert, BC who collaborated with an international team of scientists in a genetic study of aboriginal people, including excavated remains that link them to their 5,500 year old Grandmother.  Photograph/handout courtesy … Continue reading

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1888 Indian Census of New York

In the US federal census before 1900, Indians living on reservations were not enumerated on the regular census schedules.  I’m not positive when they began to be included, but I know they were not in 1880 and they were by … Continue reading

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The Settlement of North Carolina

When working with researchers who have families in early North Carolina, I find a lot of misconceptions.  It’s easy to understand why, because the settlement of a new land is foreign to us today and their lives were so very … Continue reading

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