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Hugh Waddell’s Castaway Indians – 1756

I’m ever so grateful for subscribers who are intensely interested in Native American history.  Clay read one of my articles, and contacted me regarding a question I asked.  He also provided much of the information below.  Thanks Clay. Roberta Estes: “It … Continue reading

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1756 Dinwiddie Letter to George Washington

The Dinwiddie letter to George Washington is in relation to the French and Indian War.  Another relevant article is a letter from George Washington himself recruiting the Tuscarora, who are referenced here.  Hat tip to Fix for this GenWeb article. Bertie … Continue reading

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7th Generation Returns to Tecumseh’s Memorial

It was prophecied that the 7th generation would return.  Indeed they are, 200 years later.  The Chatham, Ontario paper carried a story covering the return of about 80 Shawnee from Texas to Canada, to visit a monument honoring Chief Tecumseh who died during … Continue reading

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The War of 1812’s Forgotten Warriors

In the heat of the battles of the War of 1812, Native warriors were sometimes critically important.  They were all but forgotten later. Battle of Queenston Heights drawing by eyewitness James Dennis depicts the unsuccessful American landing on 13 October … Continue reading

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Cherokee Indian Guards at the Battle of Tazewell

During the Civil War, the battle of Tazewell, TN, took place beginning on August 2nd, 1863.  It happened outside of Tazewell, TN at the current location of the intersection of US 25E and Lone Mountain Road where it becomes Little … Continue reading

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Native Warriors and Battles

At the Military and Historical Image Bank, I discovered several renderings of Native people, mostly in military context. The first group shows 6 images, including the Battle of Oriskany, about which I had just been reading.  The Battle of Oriskany … Continue reading

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Nooherooka Website at ECU

Eastern Carolina University hosted the 300th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Fort Nooherooka in the spring of 2013.  In preparation for this even, ECU constructed a website, which I hope they will continue to maintain, adding documents, papers, photos and other … Continue reading

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