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Hatteras Live Forked Oak Stump

This article was written by Roberta Estes and first published in the Lost Colony Research Group Newsletter in July, 2012.  The Indian Village on Hatteras Island was granted to William Elks and the Hatteras Indians in 1759.  They were already … Continue reading

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Fort Branch on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation

This article, written by Roberta Estes and Baylus Brooks, was first published in the Lost Colony Research Group Newsletter in July, 2012. “Are you up for a challenge?”, I asked Baylus.  “Actually, this might not be much of a  challenge … Continue reading

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Blunt – An Indian Interpreter

The Jamestown project, which documents the history of Jamestown and surrounding area for the first hundreds years, holds some very interesting information.  On July the 4th, 1693, in the Acts of Assembly, we find that Thomas Blunt and the Nottoway and … Continue reading

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The Indian Path in Buncombe County

The following short booklet, written by Dr. Gail [Gaillard] Tennent, was privately printed sometime around 1950.  The University of North Carolina at Asheville, specifically the D.H. Ramsey Library, Special Collections division has attempted to contact the people who would hold the copyright, … Continue reading

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Native and African American Houses – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

This week I was honored to speak at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  These speaking engagements were different than anything I’ve ever participated in.  I’ve done quite a bit of university speaking, but generally conferences.  These events were different because … Continue reading

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John and Thomas Hoyter, the Chowan Indian Chiefs

This article was originally published in the Lost Colony Research Group Newsletter in June, 2012. Fletcher Freeman during the process of his research on the Chowan Indians has compiled all of the information existent on the Chowan Indian Chief, John … Continue reading

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The Chowan Indians by Fletcher Freeman

A 1585 Map of Virginia drawn by Theodore de Bry designates several Indian tribes, one of which is the CHAWANOK. They are shown with at least five towns, being Chaunoock, Rannoushowog, Movatan, Metocuuem,and Tanduomuc. Also reflected are the SECOTAN and … Continue reading

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Does CRO = Chowan?

I originally wrote this article for the Lost Colony Research Group Newsletter, published in June, 2012. A few months ago, Fletcher Freeman, one of our members, e-mailed me and asked me a simple question, which, as simple questions often … Continue reading

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Lenny Trujillo: The Journey of You

In the fall of 2010, Lenny Trujillo embarked on a journey unaware that he was going anyplace.  That was the journey to discover himself, his ancestry….and what a journey it has been.  Lenny was unique, very unique. After Lenny’s results … Continue reading

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The 1637 Pequot War

One of the great things about blogging is that you get the opportunity to learn.  One of our subscribers, Steve, send me a note and said that he considered King Philip’s War to be the final war, not the first … Continue reading

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