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Visiting the Eastern Cherokee on the Qualla Indian Reservation in Cherokee, NC

Today was a wonderfully inspirational and educational fun day.  Come on along!!  We’re visiting the Eastern Cherokee Tribe on the Qualla Reservation.  You can read about them here:  Here’s the tourism site: Drove over the Smokies from Gatlinburg to … Continue reading

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A Report of Research of Lumbee Origins by Robert K. Thomas

Robert K. Thomas was hired by the Lumbee Regional Development Association, apparently in the 1970s.  The report was completed sometime after 1976.  It is not readily available.  In June of 2012, I visited the Wilson Library in Chapel Hill and photographed … Continue reading

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Dr. Arwin Smallwood’s Tuscarora Research – Another Lost Colony Survival Scenario

Dr. Arwin Smallwood, Professor of Colonial American History at the University of Memphis is well known for his Tuscarora interest and research.  You can read more about his research and publications at the University of Memphis website at Dr. Smallwood … Continue reading

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Study of the Poteskeet Indians

Penny Ferguson, a long time researcher of mixed race records, has graciously given  permission to republish her Study of the Posteskeet Indians which was originally published on the Historical Melungeons Blog at  This blog is an excellent resource for factual Melungeon information. … Continue reading

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Hamilton McMillan’s List

Hamilton McMillan wrote a book in 1888 titled “The Lost Colony”.  Mr. McMillan spent his entire career as an advocate for the Lumbee, then called variously the Croatan Indians, Cherokee and the Indians of Robeson County.  His achievement which probably … Continue reading

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Carlisle Student Records Location Analysis – Part 3 of 3 – North Dakota through Wyoming

This is the third of 3 articles including the state by state and tribe by tribe analysis of the student locations who attended the Carlisle Indian School in Carlisle, Pa.  This groups includes the states of North Dakota through Wyoming.  … Continue reading

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Carlisle Student Records Location Analysis – Part 2 of 3 – Georgia to North Carolina

This is the second of three postings regarding the locations of the tribes of the students attending the Carlisle Indian School.  These records spanned about 30 years, covering about 12,000 students by their count, approximately 7000 of which are covered in … Continue reading

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Carlisle Student Records Location Analysis – Part 1 of 3 – Arizona to Florida

The Carlisle student records are not only quite valuable individually, especially given that the assignment of some surnames occurred at enrollment, but as a group as well. In the National Archive records, three pieces of information are given for each … Continue reading

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The Sioux at Carlisle

The National Archives holds records for almost 7000 students who attended the Carlisle Indian School in Carlisle, Pa.  Records for the school indicate that there were a total of 12,000 students, so some records appear to be missing from the online archives. … Continue reading

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“Geronimo!”  That’s what we yelled as kids just as we lept off the roof of the porch, or off of the hayloft into the hay.  Anything extremely brave required the “Geronimo” shout. More recently, in 2011, Geronimo was the code word for … Continue reading

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