Dr. Arwin Smallwood’s Tuscarora Research – Another Lost Colony Survival Scenario

Dr. Arwin Smallwood, Professor of Colonial American History at the University of Memphis is well known for his Tuscarora interest and research.  You can read more about his research and publications at the University of Memphis website at http://cassian.memphis.edu/history/asmallwd/

Dr. Smallwood has documented a Tuscarora survival story of the Lost Colonists.  It’s quite interesting.  From the website:

According to the oral history of some Tuscarora their tri-racial origins begin in 1586 when they attacked Ralph Lane on the Roanoke River.  According to this legend the Tuscarora attacked and pursued Lane and his men to Roanoke Island where they found over three hundred African and West Indian Maroons who had been left there by Sir Francis Drake who promptly took Lane and his men back to England.  According to the Tuscarora they absorbed these Maroons into their society and a year later, in 1587, most of the white men, women, and children of the “Lost Colony.”  They refused to absorb several of the colonists who had blonde or red hair which they had never seen before.  These colonists were feared as children of the sun and put in a canoe and sent south into the Pamlico Sound to the lands of the Croatan Indians. It is believed these whites were taken in by the Croatans and became the Lumbee Indians of Robeson county North Carolina whom are also bi and tri-racial.

You can read more about what Dr. Smallwood has to say at http://cassian.memphis.edu/history/asmallwd/The%20Tuscarora.html

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  1. Shakina Smallwood Ruffin says:

    I’m from Indian woods I want to know more!

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