Indians Taken to England

Probably the most well-known Indians taken to England were Pochahontas after she married John Rolfe and earlier, Manteo and Wanchese who accompanied the first Roanoke Colony who settled on Roanoke Island in 1585-1586.  In these cases, Pochahontas died in England and Manteo and Wanchese were returned home on a subsequent voyage. 

However, there were other Indians who were taken to England.  Some of them did not come home.  One, named Raleigh when he was baptized in England is buried in the churchyard in Bideford a couple of years after he was taken to England.  Others are found in snippets in early court records and were taken as servants.  What happened to them is unknown.

In a record from 1679, an order from the Privy County to Lord Thomas Culpepper, provides evidence of a visit of a different type.  It says:

Indians to be allowed English justice & protection; restoration of liberty to the Queen of Wianoke’s brother who had been taken to England as hostage by Berkeley; and religious toleration “extended to persons of different persuasions from Protestant one.”

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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