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The WWI draft registrations included a question where it asks the registrant if they claimed an exemption.  Exemptions came in three flavors: 1. Dependency – It’s amazing how many of these people had dependent parents.  Of course, wife and children … Continue reading

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There are a surprising number of people born in Mexico who registered for the WWI draft.  East of the Mississippi, they are found mostly in large cities.  Surprisingly, Chicago seems to be the hot spot for Mexican immigration, although at … Continue reading

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Indians, West Indians and East Indians

The word Indian itself has caused some confusion.  Indian, the way the designation was meant to be used for the WWI draft registrations, means American Indian, but things aren’t always as cut and dried as they seem. Many people carrying … Continue reading

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Robert John Gordon M.D.

Many of the Indian draft registrants who lived in major metropolitan cities were laborers.  Often Indian registrants couldn’t write their own names and signed with an X and a witness.  After seeing thousands of these, it’s easy to draw generalized conclusions about … Continue reading

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Dual Names

Many Native people have surnames that are two words combined.  In some cases, how to index or categorize these names is obvious based on how the name is written.  For example, we have two people with the surname Blackhawk and in … Continue reading

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The County Named Miscellaneous

As I work my way through the various states, I couldn’t help but notice that some people were registered in the county called Miscellaneous, in their respective states.  Now, to the best of my knowledge, there is no county named … Continue reading

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Indians and Categories in the WWI Draft Registration

  There were three forms used by registrars for the WWI draft which corresponded to the three draft events.  The first and second forms used both requested birthplace.  The second and third forms used included the name and location of … Continue reading

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