“Company of Giddy Headed & turbulent Psons in Lawnes Creek Psh.”

I don’t think there’s a single Indian in this 1673 record, or if there is, we can’t tell who is whom.  However, the Jamestown project did extract it and include it in the Indian records in the category of “Issues Related to Bacon’s Rebellion.”  Regardless, it’s quite interesting.  Are any of your ancestors among these giddy headed and turbulent persons?

William Hancock, Michael Upchurch, William Little, Robert Lacy, John Sheppard, John Greene, Mathew Swan, John Grigory, William Tooke, James Chessett, John Barnes, Thomas Cley, George Peters, and Roger Delk were the insurgents who met at the “Divells field” w/ the sheriff. They complained that 3 lbs. of tobacco per poll was too high & the levy thus “unjustly Laid upon them.” Some later showed remorse. Others remained stubborn and contemptuous – the latter required a “serious admonition” since this could have “dangerous & mischevious Effects of such unlawfull & factious proceedings.” John Barnes was described as the “Chiefe projector & Inventor” of the group.

It was found that Barnes led uprising. He had to post bond for good behavior & 1000 lbs. tobacco as a penalty.


A Study of Virginia Indians and Jamestown: The First Century


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1 Response to “Company of Giddy Headed & turbulent Psons in Lawnes Creek Psh.”

  1. Mo Fletcher says:

    I tell you this, Roberta (and all), that I =so= wish that just one [[ or maybe even just 1/2 🙂 ]] of my ancestors were there-abouts for these historic movements….but alas, they were not.

    Nonetheless, my ‘hat is off’ and my heart is gratefully smiling that you’ve undertaken this wonderful and important project….and have chosen to share it with us. I eagerly anticipate the day when I can constructively add something to this site….whene’er that be. ‘Til then, I’ll surely keep reading your entries, Roberta, and will keep enjoying the education they//you bring me.

    Thanks so very much, Roberta, for doing what you do.

    Morris Fletcher
    { wondering whether I’m remotely KY Cherokee or PA Shawnee or anything else discernably “native” }

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