Pee Dee Indian Surnames

In Volume 11, Issue 2 of the Rice Planter Newsletter of the Old Bartholomew Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society, an article written by J. Michelle Schohn, Historian of the Pee Dee Indian Nation of Beaver Creek was reprinted by permission.

While I can’t reprint that article here, what I can do is to provide you with a list of the surnames involved, and then point you to the article.

Here is the list of Pee Dee Indian surnames.

  • Argoe
  • Bears
  • Bird
  • Bonner
  • Bowen
  • Braveboy
  • Bunch
  • Carpenter
  • Chandler
  • Chavers
  • Chavis
  • Collins
  • Commins
  • Carter
  • James
  • Clark
  • Cook
  • Deas
  • Fitts
  • Galphin
  • George
  • Gibson
  • Grooms
  • Hall
  • Hamilton
  • Huffman
  • Hunt
  • Hutto
  • Jones
  • Jackson
  • Johnson
  • Lowery
  • Marbury
  • Nagin
  • Newness
  • Owens
  • Oxendine
  • Quick
  • Read
  • Reed
  • Reynolds
  • Rose
  • Rouse
  • Scott
  • Smith
  • Solley
  • Sweat
  • Thompson
  • West
  • Whitlock
  • Williams
  • Wise
  • Wooton

Accessing the article itself is a little tricky.  First, click on this first link.

You will see the following information with the user name and password to the newsletters in the top left hand box below the pictures.

SC Gen Soc

This is the article you are looking for:

Hat tip to Joy for the link.


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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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16 Responses to Pee Dee Indian Surnames

  1. gjohns says:

    I know a number of those names from my husband’s family tree research and their associated families. Interesting if says SC, where most we know are of NC – prior to moving to IN/OH in the early 1800’s. Thankyou so much for sharing.
    Gives more to research.

  2. Tim Martin says:

    The list is missing my Great Great Grandmothers last name. Prickett. Martha Virginia Prickett. Full blooded Pee Dee. Daughter of Elisha Prickett.

  3. Angie Mcpherson says:

    Roberta, I cannot find the article. Is there anyway you can give us another way to read it. Right now it show error.
    Angie McPherson

  4. My people were Dees(e), Chavis, Parker and Jenkins. They lived along Lynches River near Pageland, SC in Chesterfield County, SC. Priscilla Chavis married Asa Dees, had William Dees married Margaret Ozinia Parker (Zina). Had Martha Dees married Joshua Hinson.
    Zina Parkers parents were Elijah Parker married Margaret Ann Jenkins (Peggy) originally from Bertie County, NC I did a DNA test, came back 80% Caucasion and 20% Native American.

  5. Austin Serio says:

    My family was the Tompkins, Smiths, James, Johnson, and Reynolds. My step great grandmother was a Cook!

    Unfortunately it seems like the link to this vital document has gone dark. Could we get this reference updated?

    • Read your commit…my great great great grandmother was Elenor Cook born in 1743 and died on 9-15-1793 She had one daughter Mary Ann (polly) Cook Conner maried to Wilson Conner ( google him interesting) Elenor married James Cook in 1774. They lived in Bennettsville South Caroline I friend reguest you. Linda Pasquariello

  6. ar1736 says:

    I am an Owens. I have had people from Cook, Caulder, Sweat in my geneology search. How do I go about finding out if I am eligible to be rwcognized as Pee Dee.

  7. sam smith says:

    What is the Primary Source origin for the PeedDee surnames???

  8. Laura Balgari says:

    The source is the muster roll of 50 enlisted Pee Dee Indian rifelmen under the direction of Captain John Allston of Georgetown, SC in the American Revolution ( There may have been other, closely related Siouan tribal men in this group, but it is generally documented as a main roll of Pee Dee surnames from that time and area.

  9. Robin Kralik says:

    I am a direct line DNA match for Stephen Quick, son of Acquilla Quick and Cenna Jacobs in Marlboro, SC. I have always been told I have native ancestry and I’m investigating that now. Do you know any hints that the the family of Aquilla (Acquilla) Quick was mixed in Pee Dee heritage?

    • Regina “Quick”Tyner says:

      I am a direct bloodline to Solomon Quick….3 brothers Thomas Quick,Solomon Quick and Aquila Quick

  10. Linda Ceaser says:

    How can Iprove that I am of PeDee Indian descent? My mother’s maiden name was Chavis.
    My father’s mother was an Atackapaw.

  11. Regina “Quick” Tyner says:

    Solomon Quick and Elizabeth (Skipper) Quick are my 5th great grandparents.Elizabeth was the daughter of Barnabas Skipper(Neuse,Craven County,NC) and Edith (Smith)Skipper (Edenton,Chowan County….Also a 8th great grandmother Mary(Etheridge)Bailey “Hatteras” aka old Cheraw (Bear Clan) Shawano/Chowanoke….

  12. Barbara Mary Kurfis says:

    Hi I came across this site and saw the surname Bears that is my family name .I am a member of the Pokanoket Tribe in R.I.I am the Clan Grandmother of said tribe I just am so interested who the Bears connection is thank you 😊 Taubotne

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