1887 Croatan Indian Petition Signers

In 1887, the Croatan Indians, now the Lumbee, petitioned the state legislature to establish a normal school to train Indian teachers for the county’s tribal schools. With state permission, they raised the requisite funds, along with some state assistance, which proved inadequate. Several tribal leaders donated money and privately held land for schools.  The Croatans built the Indian Normal School which evolved into the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

The petition submitted to establish the school was signed by 67 Croatans and 6 “white citizens.”  The Croatan signers are shown below.

First Last
James Oxendine
Alamander (sic) Locklear
Isham Locklear
J.H. Harris
James Braboy
B.J. Chavis
James Bullard
Robert Collins
Machire Locklear
Evander Blue
Malakiah Locklear
Nelson Locklear
Alexander Locklear
J.P. Locklear
Neill Oxendine
Solomon Oxendine
Jordan Oxendine
Purvie Jacobs
Murdoch Chavis
A.J. Lowrie
Peter Dial
Thomas Dees
Thomas Sanderson
Hector Locklear
J.W. Oxendine
Magilbra Braboy
William L. Locklear
Harrison Ransome
James Dial
Soliman Locklear
Winslow Locklear
Isham Locklear
Peter Bullard
Isaac Brayboy
Turner Lowerie
W.L. Moore
Zion Lowrie
Hugh Oxendine
J.L. Monroe
Asbury Oxendine
N.A. Locklear
Henry Brayboy
A.J. Revels
Nelson Chavis
A. Bullard
William Goins
Archie Oxendine
G.W. Lowrie
Isac Braboy
John E. Oxendine
Wesley Bullard
Thomas Locklear
James I. Lowrie
J.J. Oxendine
Preston Locklear
J.C. McEachin, Jr.
Willey Jacobs
Joseph Locklear
Brown Lowerie
Alva Oxendine
J.W. Willis
Jack Oxendine
Wm. Jacobs
Hector Sanderson
Israel Rodgers
Paisly Sanderson

Thanks to Jazzy Jeff for finding this list of names.

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Scientist, author, genetic genealogist. Documenting Native Heritage through contemporaneous records and DNA.
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2 Responses to 1887 Croatan Indian Petition Signers

  1. Beverly Collins Hall says:

    Our people never call themselves Croatan. They knew where they came from and who their peoples was. Hamilton McMillian made up his own description of our people. He was a politician and people believe a white man over a group of trusting Indians any day. That is why we need to tell our own stories from our elders. My grand clan mothers told us the truth and we know the true stories, so lets tell them to each other and believe

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