Borderlands Deeds and the Cain Surname

NC Abstracts of Land Patents 1735-1764 By Margaret M. Hofmann

2247 pg 85 John Cain Feb 14 1739 160 ac in Edgecombe Co on the S side of Conehoe ck

NC Abstracts of Land Patents 1748-1763 Vol 4 By Margaret M. Hofmann

1225 handwritten entries on same piece of paper – Major Thomas Whitmill Jan 10 1751/52 640 ac in Edgecombe Co on the branch of Conahoo Creek joining Colo Fredk Jones – on back says Warrant to Mr. Conner

Checking the Cain DNA project, this Cain participant has DNA tested and shows his oldest ancestor in Edgecombe County, NC.

16205 John Cain, bc 1700, d.1757   Edgecombe Co. NC

It surely makes one wonder if these people are related.  There are other Cains as well from this region.

Cain is known to be one of the Tuscarora surnames, as is Whitmill.  Cain is repeatedly found among the Tuscarora.  Furthermore, after the Tuscarora removed to New York, it was a Tuscarora by the name of John Cain who stayed behind.  The last we hear of this John Cain is in 1818 when he was allotted $15 to go to Raleigh.

While the Cain surname was certainly Tuscarora, the Tuscarora had to obtain or adopt the surname from someplace.  Perhaps they lived adjacent or near the John Cain on Conehoe Creek, assuming he was white, or perhaps they were in some way related to him, either actually or through perceived brotherhood.


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