Creek Indian Mound Near Fort Decatur, Alabama

Creek Decatur Mound

While watching this video of Fort Decatur, Alabama, I noticed the Indian Mound.  The history of the Fort is that is was built in 1812 where an Indian village was, or was nearby.  The gentleman who filmed this site says the local legend is that James or Peter McQueen is buried here.  Of course, local legends may or may not be accurate, but the mound is in the middle of the Creek lands.

The mound portion of this video is at the end, after the Fort Decatur video which is very close to this mound.

James McQueen was a Scots-Irish fur trader, the first to trade in 1714 with the Creek in Alabama.  He became closely involved with the Creek and married into the tribe.  It’s also reputed that he is buried in the Indian Cemetery in Franklin, Alabama near a Methodist Missionary Church for the Creek.  Franklin is very close to this location.

James McQueen was the great-grandfather of Osceola, legendary Seminole leader.

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3 Responses to Creek Indian Mound Near Fort Decatur, Alabama

  1. Decatur, AL was Chickasaw Territory during pre-European times. The Creeks living there in the early 1800s had been pushed out of North Carolina and NE Tennessee by the Cherokees in the early 1700s. After about 1600 AD, the Creeks stopped building mounds.

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